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Thermal Baths and Wellness Centers in Piedmont

In Piedmont, in addition to the extensive spa selection, there is a strong tradition of hospitality and a great gastronomic and cultural offer.

Credit Facebook site Terme Luigiane Guardia Piemontese

Credit Facebook site Terme Luigiane Guardia Piemontese

Piemonte really offers a lot to the spa tourists, the region is optimally served in terms of wellness offer with the centers of Acqui Terme, Agliano Terme, Bagni di Vinadio, Terme di Bognanco, Terme di Garessio, Terme di Lurisia and Valdieri Spa; these are just a few of the consolidated concerns in the area that delight all those who want to try the excellent quality of services and the typical Piedmontese hospitality.

[Credit Facebook page Terme Luigiane Guardia Piemontese]

The Langhe, with its special atmosphere, Turin with its cultural treasures, Alba with its precious truffles, the famous dishes of braised meat, the noble Barolo and Barbera are just a few amazing jewels that contribute to your wellness holiday.

[Credit Facebook page Terme Luigiane Guardia Piemontese]

The area offers to accompany the tourist in an exciting journey that can wander from the plains to the mountains, in a series of always new scents and emotions.

[Credit Facebook page Terme Luigiane Guardia Piemontese]

Many spa centers in Piedmont are characterized by the precious mineral water and the low mineral content, characterized by drinking cures and by the particular geographic location of the centers that often arise in the mountain areas, amidst ancient forests.

We recall, among other things, that the Terme di Valdieri, characterized by the highest spa of Italy, is almost 1500 meters above the sea level.

The list below is the guide to the Piedmont spas with contacts and references.


Regie Terme Acqui
Stabilimento termale Nuove Terme
via XX Settembre
15011 Acqui Terme (AL)
tel. (+39) 0144 324390
fax (+39) 0144 356007

Stabilimento termale Regina
Zona Bagni (nel parco)
15011 Acqui Terme (AL)
tel. (+39) 0144 324390
fax (+39) 0144 356007

Terme di Monte Valenza
via Fontana 13
15040 Monte Valenza (AL)
tel. (+39) 0131 945253
tel. (+39) 0131 951677

Terme di Agliano
via alle Fonti 133
14041 Agliano Terme (AT)
tel. (+39) 0141 954242 

Terme di Lurisia
via delle Terme 60, fraz. Lurisia Terme
12088 Roccaforte Mondovì (CN)
tel. (+39) 0174 683421
fax (+39) 0174 583555

Terme di Vinadio
Frazione Bagni di Vinadio 2
12010 Vinadio (CN)
tel. (+39) 0171 959050

Terme Reali di Valdieri
Via Cuneo 74
12011 Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN)
tel. (+39) 0171 261666

QC Termetorino
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 77
10128 Torino (TO)
tel. (+39) 0114 345070
fax (+39) 0114 345738

Premia Terme
Frazione Cadarese 46
28866 Premia (VB)
tel. (+39) 0324 617210
fax (+39) 0324 617914

Terme di Bognanco
Piazzale Ramponi 10
28842 Bognanco (VB)
tel. (+39) 0324 234109
fax (+39) 0324 234278

Parco delle Terme di Crodo
via Bagni 20
28862 Crodo (VB)
tel. (+39) 0324 618831
fax (+39) 0324.61961

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