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Throughout Italy there is a tradition of aperitif, but what do Italians mean when they say this?

Throughout Italy there is a tradition of aperitif, but what do Italians mean when they say this?

Local products | Thursday 17 February

For Italians, aperitif is an opportunity to be together, to meet friends and socialise while enjoying a cocktail and some snacks. Prosecco is one of the Italian aperitif musts, being used in many cocktails such as...

Asti, Credit Pixabay

Asti: discover truffle, cardo gobbo, cheese, amaretti , spumante and brachetto

Places of interest, Local products | Friday 15 May

The Province of Asti lies at the heart of Piedmont and borders Liguria in the south. This mostly hilly territory stretches across Monferrato and a small area of the Langhe and the Langa Astigiana, and is traversed by the Tanaro...

The parmureli from Bordighera [Video & photo gallery]

The parmureli from Bordighera [Video & photo gallery]

Local products, Gallery, Video | Friday 10 April

In Bordighera, as in many parts of Italy, with large parts of palm leaves, small and large decorated bunches are woven, which are given away or exchanged among the faithful as a sign of peace.

Mimosa: everything you want to know about the symbol of March 8th, International Women's Day

Mimosa: everything you want to know about the symbol of March 8th, International Women's Day

Local products | Sunday 08 March

Light Yellow, with a delicate fragrance, she speaks with a southern accent.

The Asti cheese route: a group of passionate producers promotes an experiential journey of great gastronomic value.

The Asti cheese route: a group of passionate producers promotes an experiential journey of great gastronomic value.

Local products, Itineraries | Tuesday 25 February

Some proud Asti producers, convinced of the goodness of their products, offer a new experiential path (as these tourist proposals are defined by modern marketing today) to the increasingly numerous tourists, who are attracted by...

Recipe of the week: Chestnut jam

Local products | Sunday 23 February

Chestnuts, chestnuts, chestnuts! If you love them, this is the season to collect as many as you can and savor them throughout the year in a delicious chestnut jam.


Recipe of the week: Mimosa-lemon jelly

Local products | Sunday 16 February

Bring the sun of the Côte d'Azur to your table with this delicacy!


Seborga, the Templar monks agritourism returns to cultivate black strawberries: ancient fruit revered by the Celts

Local products, Places of interest | Thursday 13 February

The Celts, despite their profound culture and respect for nature, hardly ever wrote anything, but transmitted traditions and customs orally.

Credit maggioranapersa

Recipe of the week: Red crepes with porcini mushroom cream

Local products | Sunday 09 February

The red crepes in addition to being spectacular, can be prepared earlier, as well as the seasoning and this is a significant advantage! Are a naturally colored and very decorative recipe on the dish.

The Genoa-Casella historical railway is back! [Video gallery]

The Genoa-Casella historical railway is back! [Video gallery]

Itineraries, Places of interest, Local products, Business, Video | Tuesday 04 February

A journey from the sea to the mountains filled with Ligurian flavors, adventure, and history.

Credit Youtube

Recipe of the week: Rustic apple pie with walnuts and wholemeal flour

Local products | Sunday 02 February

It is a simple, cupboard sweet that recalls the flavors of the past! Perhaps with Renette apples and nuts from Cuneo...


Recipe of the week: Baci di dama salati (salty lady kisses)

Local products | Sunday 26 January

Today we propose an appetiser, ideal for Valentine's day dinner, which is very easy to prepare and also something tasty.

Credit maggioranapersa

Recipe of the week: Frisceu (fritters) of mushrooms without eggs

Local products | Sunday 19 January

Specialty of Genoa, one of the many frisceu; vegan recipe.

Credits Flickr

The 8 culinary delights born in Turin and exported all over the world

Local products, Gallery | Thursday 16 January

Turin is a city with a great gastronomic-culinary tradition. Over the years, in the Piedmontese capital some very inventive cooking inventions were born, which then spread to Italy and, in many cases, all over the world.

Credit: fotocibiamo

Recipe of the week: Turta de Lurè

Local products | Sunday 12 January

This typical local dessert, has among its ingredients the zibibbo, a prized variety of muscatel raisins and the orange blossom water, typical of different sweets Liguria.

Recipe of the Week: Fugassa d’la Befana

Recipe of the Week: Fugassa d’la Befana

Local products | Sunday 05 January

A very ancient cake prepared for Befana celebration, it can be compared to panettone or Easter colomba, but it is thought to be even older.


Recipe of the week: Verrines (shot glasses) Aperitif à la Provençale

Local products | Sunday 29 December

Aperitif with a new recipe of verrines with flavors of the midi. This time, Olives come to marry goat cheese and cherry tomatoes.


Great wines for a New Year's Eve toast!

Local products, Business | Friday 27 December

As we know, Liguria is becoming a very well-known land of great wines. Colli di Luni, Pigato, Vermentino, Dolceacqua’s Rossese. Sublime white and great red wines.

Credit Pixabay

Recipe of the week: Torrone with 2 recipes friable or soft

Local products | Sunday 22 December

This is a typical CHRISTMAS SWEET a bit in all regions and with thousand variations, it is true that it takes some time to do it but it's worth it.


Recipe of the week: Qubaita, an ancient dessert from Triora

Local products | Sunday 15 December

Qubaitas, never missing from the table during Christmas time, were prepared a few days before Christmas and would accompany the family throughout the holiday season.

Credit maggioranapersa

Recipe of the week: Khaki Brownie Cake

Local products | Sunday 08 December

It is a versatile dessert, a cross between the classic cake and biscuits! The perfect solution for a break from work or study or simply to relax with a cup of milk.

Flower parade Sanremo

The birth of floriculture in Sanremo

Local products, Business, Video, Gallery | Friday 06 December

In the early seventies of the nineteenth century, three undertakings where flowers and plants were cultivated were already active in Sanremo.

Credit Donna Moderna

Recipe of the week: Pie dish of mushrooms and potatoes

Local products | Sunday 01 December

Typical Ligurian speciality for cooler days.

Credit visitgenoa

Recipe of the week: Salsa verde genovese (genoese parsley sauce)

Local products | Sunday 24 November

This sauce, also called bagnetto, should not be confused with the salsa verde of Piedmont, as the Genoese salsa verde is more fragrant, delicate and more easily digestible.

Credit Rudolf Stricker

Discovering the Red Corallini di Cervo, the red gold of the Mediterranean [Video]

Places of interest, Local products, Video | Thursday 21 November

Between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, the high level reached by the Cervese navy allowed the inhabitants to specialize in a technically very difficult but also very profitable activity: the fishing of red coral .

Credits: cielomiomarito blog

Recipe of the Week: Pan di Crue (chestnut bread)

Local products | Sunday 17 November

Many recipes contain chestnuts, here is one coming from the local ancient tradition, a mouthwatering bread that can be enjoyed as an afternoon snack, or as a suitable meal accompaniment.

Credit Facebook site

Imperia olive museum (second part) [Video & photo gallery]

Places of interest, Local products, Gallery, Video | Tuesday 12 November

Description and explanation of the exhibition.

Imperia olive museum (first part) [Video & photo gallery]

Places of interest, Local products, Gallery, Video | Monday 11 November

The archaeological collection is unique in its genre: its importance is recognized worldwide. The olive tree, its gifts, the land that man has modified to cultivate it.

Piedmont castagnaccio

Recipe of the week: Piedmont Castagnaccio (Chestnut pie)

Local products | Sunday 10 November

The Piedmontese version is different and richer than that of central Italy (with chestnut flour, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary and pine nuts), and includes apples and macaroons.

Credit Facebook site

Cioccolatò 2019 in Turin: chocolate and tasting masters in Piazza San Carlo [Video]

Local products, Events, Video | Monday 04 November

The chocolate fair in Turin returns also this fall in the Piedmontese capital for the happiness of the most gluttonous and gourmets.


Recipe of the week: Chard omelette

Local products | Sunday 03 November

Omelette is a traditional dish, prepared with different vegetables, in Liguria especially with artichokes and zucchini, or even with whitebait! It is enriched with garlic and marjoram, in a mix of taste and versatility!

Papaver, credit Alvesgaspar

Preboggion, wild herbs of Liguria

Local products, Gallery | Thursday 31 October

The Preboggion, pronounced pre-buggiun, gathers in a word various spontaneous, perennial and annual herbs, which are born along the paths, in the fields and along the shores of the streams.


Recipe of the week: white polenta from Ormea with leek and mushroom sauce

Local products | Sunday 27 October

White polenta or Saranta (buckwheat polenta) is a traditional dish from the town of Ormea, in the province of Cuneo, located in the Upper Tanaro Valley, on the border between Piedmont and western Liguria.


Romantic and relaxing Fall season in Liguria

Places of interest, Itineraries, Local products, Business | Friday 25 October

There is no more relaxing and romantic time to visit Liguria than Fall, the season where landscape changes color.

Credit Facebook site

Piedmont Hazelnut I.G.P. or Tonda Gentile Trilobata

Local products, Video | Tuesday 22 October

Just think, for example, of Gianduja, born from a mixture of cocoa and hazelnut from Langa.


Recipe of the week: Crumbled with almonds and figs without gluten

Local products | Sunday 20 October

The peculiarity of the crumbled with almonds is the friability due to processing: the passages in the fridge and freezer are essential for the success of this dessert!

Credit Facebook site

Imperia: OliOliva from 8th to 10th November 2019

Events, Local products | Thursday 17 October

Splendid days in the enchantment of the villages of the hinterland with itineraries in an embrace of history, culture, tradition and food and wine.

Recipe of the week: Ligurian pansoti di borragine

Recipe of the week: Ligurian pansoti di borragine

Local products | Sunday 13 October

A typical fresh hand-made pasta filled with ricotta and vegetables.

Credit ricettedalmondo

Recipe of the week: Baked figs in wine with the scent of cardamom

Local products | Sunday 06 October

Baked wine figs are a transitional recipe between summer and autumn, a recipe that celebrates a time when we now feel out of the summer season and we still have a few weeks to enjoy before the cold and the return of the solar...

Credit Facebook site

Alba: International Alba White Truffle Fair 5th oct – 24th nov 2019 [Video & photo gallery]

Events, Local products, Gallery, Video | Monday 30 September

Alba's International White Truffle Fair is one of the main showcases of high gastronomy and Italian excellence.

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