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Beigua Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

A new category of UNESCO world heritage sites is born, the Global Geoparks. One hundred and twenty parks around the world, and one of them is in Liguria

Beigua Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Beigua Park has officially become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Already included, since 2005, in the Geoparks Global Network - a UN affiliated international organization, with the Network recognition as an official UNESCO program and the identification of the new UNESCO Global Geoparks category, Beigua Park becomes a full-fledged World Heritage Site. Part of a prestigious list that includes 120 geoparks worldwide, distributed in 36 countries, 69 in Europe and 10 in Italy, Beigua Park has an extraordinary geological heritage value.

The recognition comes from Paris, where, on November 17th, the 38th UNESCO General Conference plenary session was held. The beautiful Beigua protected area, straddled between Genoa and Savona province, adds to the Rolli Palaces, Cinque Terre, Portovenere, Palmaria, Tino, and Tinetto representing Liguria region in this Wonders of the World's extraordinary list.

Set between mountains and the sea, Beigua Park is the largest regional park in Liguria, representing the very different environments and landscapes found in the region: mountains facing the sea, where nature, history, culture, and ancient traditions are of extraordinary value and interest. Unique characteristics of the park are: the Mountain Wetlands, with their very peculiar geomorphological, hydrological, and biological features, playing an ecological role in the park's ecosystems, where traces of thousands-year-old paleoclimatic events are preserved; Migration of Birds of Prey in the South-Eastern Areas of the Park during spring and early autumn; three State Forests: Lerone Forest (1,640 hectares) with large meadows and scenic cliffs of serpentine rocks, Deiva Forest (800 hectares) with spruce woodlands and Douglas firs, black and Scotch pines, English oaks and other broadleaf trees, and Tiglieto Forest (740 hectares) characterized by an amazing variety of environments.

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