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Nice: #ILoveNice is back where it should be

After being painted again, the emblematic structure reappeared in the morning of April 6th. Among the most photographed in the city, the sign #ILoveNice is ready to be the protagonist of the summer season

Nice: #ILoveNice is back where it should be

After a complete restyling, the structure #ILoveNice has been placed again at Rauba Capeu, where it dominates the bay of Nice.

In the morning of April 6th one of the most captured structure of the city came back “at home”. It is now ready to be part of Nice’s attractions and be surrounded by tourists.

It was created in 2016 by the Nice’s enterprise France Festivité of Gilles Povigna. It is made by metal sheets for vehicles panted in blue, white, and red, the colours of the French flag. This structure has become the emblem of Nice and it is a real success on the media as well. It counts indeed more than 550 000 clicks on Instagram.

It may be seen from each beach of the city, and it stands at Rauba Capeu, on the top of the city, where the sea, the wind and the sky meet each other offering a stunning postcard of Nice.

It’s numbers:

·         Length: 8 meters

·         Height: 3,50 meters

·         Width: 1,20 meters

·         Weight: almost 2 tons

Micol Ghibaudo

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