Places of interestMonday 13 February 2017

Imperia has a new Naval Museum

Recently inaugurated, the new Naval Museum in Imperia is a beautiful building dedicated to modern navy.

Imperia has had a maritime tradition for more than a thousand years, dictated by the special relationship its citizens have with the sea. This tradition is still alive today and the city keeps its strong tie to the sea, in fact, the new Naval Museum is a testament to that.

The Naval Museum in Imperia - dedicated to modern navy - is located in front of the pier of Calata Anselmi in Porto Maurizio. Built in subsequent phases from the start of the 1900s where a boatyard once stood, these buildings were a free port for more than a century and mainly stored and moved olive oil, produced or worked locally.

The buildings of the ex Docks of Calata Anselmi have been restored and rendered usable with a project that is articulated in two phases; the first was just completed, while the second involves removal of the existing silos and changing of the connected operations.

The visit route begins with the spectacular Dolia hall – a reconstruction of an underwater archaeological site - containing famous dolia fished off the coast of Imperia.

The exhibition is not organized chronologically but follows the relationship between men and the sea. The first section is dedicated to maritime work; the second illustrates war above and below the sea surface; the third exhibits journeys by sea, whether out of need or for pleasure, telling the epic era of transatlantic ships or the emigration to the New World, or talking about luxury cruises and speed competition for transatlantic cruises.

The fourth and final sector shows sports linked to the sea and especially sailing, describing the way of living and facing the sea and the wind.

The central area, surrounded by these four sectors is devoted to recreational and educational activities.

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