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Andrea Doria, the most beautiful transatlantic ship in the world

An exhibition to retrace the story of Andrea Doria transatlantic ship taking place at Galata Museo del Mare in Genoa


60 years after the sinking of transatlantic ship Andrea Doria - and for the first time in Italy - the Mu.MA and Ansaldo Foundation re-enact a central event in the history of Italian Navy. An exhibition that exhaustively addresses the story of this beautiful and unlucky transatlantic ship.

The exhibition is organized in such a way to give a direct Andrea Doria experience. Reconstructions of ship spaces, of the the prow in a scale of 1: 5 and of part of the deck tilted at 30 °, allow visitors to relive moments and experiences the ship’s passengers and crew had to face to escape the tragedy.

The exhibition’s jewel is a six meters Andrea Doria ship model that Società Italia had commissioned for promotional purposes. Retired after the tragedy, it was forgotten until rediscovered by the Director and stored in the museum.

The exhibition takes place at Galata Museo del mare in Genoa and runs until May 31st, 2017

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