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Recipe of the week: Frisceu (fritters) of mushrooms without eggs

Local products | Sunday 19 January

Specialty of Genoa, one of the many frisceu; vegan recipe.

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The 8 culinary delights born in Turin and exported all over the world

Local products, Gallery | Thursday 16 January

Turin is a city with a great gastronomic-culinary tradition. Over the years, in the Piedmontese capital some very inventive cooking inventions were born, which then spread to Italy and, in many cases, all over the world.

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Recipe of the week: Turta de Lurè

Local products | Sunday 12 January

This typical local dessert, has among its ingredients the zibibbo, a prized variety of muscatel raisins and the orange blossom water, typical of different sweets Liguria.

Recipe of the Week: Fugassa d’la Befana

Recipe of the Week: Fugassa d’la Befana

Local products | Sunday 05 January

A very ancient cake prepared for Befana celebration, it can be compared to panettone or Easter colomba, but it is thought to be even older.

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Recipe of the week: Verrines (shot glasses) Aperitif à la Provençale

Local products | Sunday 29 December

Aperitif with a new recipe of verrines with flavors of the midi. This time, Olives come to marry goat cheese and cherry tomatoes.

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Great wines for a New Year's Eve toast!

Local products, Business | Friday 27 December

As we know, Liguria is becoming a very well-known land of great wines. Colli di Luni, Pigato, Vermentino, Dolceacqua’s Rossese. Sublime white and great red wines.

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Recipe of the week: Torrone with 2 recipes friable or soft

Local products | Sunday 22 December

This is a typical CHRISTMAS SWEET a bit in all regions and with thousand variations, it is true that it takes some time to do it but it's worth it.

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Recipe of the week: Qubaita, an ancient dessert from Triora

Local products | Sunday 15 December

Qubaitas, never missing from the table during Christmas time, were prepared a few days before Christmas and would accompany the family throughout the holiday season.

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