Local products Monday 20 August, 05:11

Recipe of the week: Sweet pancakes with flowers

Local products | Sunday 19 August

And who said that the flowers, in the kitchen, should always be relegated to the role of decoration?

The 2018 edition of Sapori di Langa in Clavesana will see the return of the event in the Fraction Madonna della Neve

Events, Places of interest, Local products | Monday 13 August

It is a journey through wine and food, culture and traditions of the territory of the ancient Marquisate of the Clavesana.

Recipe of the week: recipes with sea fennel (second part)

Local products | Sunday 12 August

More examples of dishes with this healthy and tasty plant.

Recipe of the week: Pànera, a coffee "semifreddo" (chilled dessert) typical of the city of Genoa.

Local products | Sunday 05 August

The name pànera is the contraction in the Genoese language of black cream (panna nera), with reference to the color change of the main ingredient, due to the addition of coffee powder.

Recipe of the week: recipes with sea fennel (first part)

Local products | Sunday 29 July

Some examples of preparations with this healthy and tasty plant.

Industry in Cuneo: not only food production, also the train factory for local transport

Business, Local products | Friday 27 July

There will be 150 new regional Pop trains that will be released in the next few years by the Alstom Savigliano plant: after the Pendolino phase, the production of new vehicles for local transport comes into play.

Recipe of the week: "Trumpet" zucchini dumplings

Local products | Sunday 22 July

Trombette are a typical zucchini strain from Liguria.

The sea fennel: Crithmum maritimum has even found authoritative quotation by William Shakespeare, who in the King Lear...

Local products | Tuesday 17 July

Thanks to its spicy, slightly salty flavor and very similar to that of Fennel it is very popular in salads and aromatic sauces.

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