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Recipe of the Week: Polpettone alla Ligure

Local products | Sunday 14 January

A traditional Ligurian dish, the vegetable mishmash is simple to prepare, with very balanced flavors and ingredients. Definitely a recipe to try, especially using vegetables in season

Recipe of the Week: Cherries in Moscato Grappa

Local products | Sunday 07 January

As cherries keep coming and ever more delicious, we propose another cherry recipe, and this week with a twist!

Recipe of the Week: Baci di Alassio

Local products | Sunday 31 December

Baci di Alassio - Alassio kisses - are two small dark hazelnut sweets coupled in pairs by a chocolate ganache.

Christmas Recipe: Bûche de Noël

Local products | Monday 25 December

A classic Christmas recipe from Cote d'Azur!

Recipe of the Week: Paradise soup

Local products | Sunday 17 December

Paradise soup, a delicious healthy recipe found in the old notebook of Maria Pia's grandmother.

Recipe of the Week: Cucina Bianca Potato Pie

Local products | Sunday 03 December

The potato pie recipe is ancient and rich as Cucina Bianca is. Cucina Bianca spread in the Ligurian and Maritime Alps - where Brigasca culture developed - and is made of local products of pastoral civilization.

Recipe of the Week: Montalto's Frandura

Local products | Sunday 26 November

A typical recipe from Montalto, Frandura is a potato cake, a simple dish from 18th century when potatoes were first introduced to Liguria

Pissalandrea: one of the first modern pizzas

Local products | Sunday 19 November

This dish originated in Genoa in 1490, before the appearance of the modern pizza in Naples

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