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Recipe of the week: Pea sauce

Local products | Sunday 21 July

Vegan recipe, is one of the many tasty sauces with typical Ligurian cuisine vegetables. Perfect with dry pasta, it can also be used as a base for a tasty risotto.

Recipe of the week: Pan Bagnat

Recipe of the week: Pan Bagnat

Local products | Sunday 14 July

Pan Bagnat is a delicious multi-layered sandwich typical of Nice and of region of Provence.

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Recipe of the week: Strawberry tiramisu with white chocolate

Local products | Sunday 07 July

It is a version with a fresh taste and much more suitable for a summer dinner, than the classic one.

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Recipe of the Week: Piedmontese Stuffed peaches

Local products | Sunday 30 June

Baked stuffed peaches are a traditional dessert from Piedmont region. They are called "persi pijen" in Piedmontese dialect, which means stuffed peaches precisely, and are served as typical summer dessert, especially during summer...

Piedmont: "Parks to taste", the fourth edition until September 29th

Events, Local products | Thursday 27 June

The initiative that brings biodiversity to the table returns. Involved 120 restaurants and 140 producers in 27 Piedmontese parks.

Credits: www.osterialatorre-cherasco.it

Recipe of the Week: Val Varaita’s Ravioles

Local products | Sunday 23 June

Although the name ravioles brings to mind the better-known ravioli, their name comes from their peculiar baton shape - "raviolare", in fact, namely means rolling out a small piece of pasta on a wooden board using the palm of the...

Recipe of the week: Chantilly of panna cotta with Egyptian Ligurian onion and orange caramel

Recipe of the week: Chantilly of panna cotta with Egyptian Ligurian onion and orange caramel

Local products | Sunday 16 June

The winning recipe of the Contest dedicated to the Egyptian Ligurian onion

Acacia flowers, credit orange biz

Recipe of the week: Fried acacia and elderberry flowers

Local products | Sunday 09 June

In spring the Ligurian hills are colored white thanks to the flowering of acacia and elderberry plants and in this period we realize how widespread they are in the territory.

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