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The Robiola di Roccaverano celebrates its first 40 years PDO [VIDEO]

The Robiola di Roccaverano celebrates its first 40 years PDO [VIDEO]

Local products, Business | Tuesday 19 February

The calendar of events to celebrate this anniversary has been presented.

Credit: Al mangia e bevi Pasticceria

Recipe of the week: Tirà, typical Piedmont carnival sweet

Local products | Sunday 17 February

Tirà - a dessert native to Rocchetta Tanaro in the Asti province, in Piedmont – comes from a very old recipe.

Recipe of the week: Cuneese al Rhum, Hemingway's favourite liqueur chocolate

Recipe of the week: Cuneese al Rhum, Hemingway's favourite liqueur chocolate

Local products | Sunday 10 February

On the 8th of May 1954 Ernest Hemingway paid a visit to Cuneo and spent almost an hour to go to the Arione bar to buy some Cuneese al Rhum for his wife who was at that time on holiday in Nizza

Credit Pixabay

Recipe of the week: Stuffed Artichokes - Articiocche cine e anciue

Local products | Sunday 03 February

Dishes with seasonal vegetables are the best diet!


Recipe of the week: Anicini

Local products | Sunday 27 January

A proper lunch can not end without a glass of raisin wine in which to dip some dry biscuits that greedily absorb its contents.

The Campanula di Noli is the symbol of the Liguria region

The Campanula di Noli is the symbol of the Liguria region

Local products | Thursday 24 January

For Liguria, the symbolic flower is the Campanula isophylla Moretti, known as the Campanula di Capo Noli, elected with 48% of the votes.

Recipe of the week: Socca

Recipe of the week: Socca

Local products | Sunday 20 January

One of the typical dishes of the city of Nice, Socca is a crispy chickpeas flatbread.


Recipe of the Week: Polenta with Conio beans and kale

Local products | Sunday 13 January

Polenta is an ancient staple Italian food spread across the entire country and particularly present in Northern Italy’s mountain areas.

Credit Pixabay

The drystone walls of Liguria challenge the great wall of China: a symbol of rural art declared immaterial heritage by Unesco

Places of interest, Itineraries, Local products | Friday 11 January

"It is the right recognition for a construction technique that has allowed, in many areas, not to give up agriculture and breeding, giving the possibility for man to harmonize his work as much as possible with the nature that...

Credit Pixabay

Joyful Epiphany!

Local products | Sunday 06 January

In case the Befana shouldn't have brought you enough sweets, here the recipe to make sweet "coal" by yourself.

Credit Facebook site

Fragrance expertise of Grasse listed as Unesco's cultural heritage [Video & photo gallery]

Local products, Places of interest, Gallery, Video, Business | Friday 04 January

The newly registered intangible cultural heritage of Pays de Grasse includes the cultivation of perfume plants, the knowledge and processing of natural materials, and the art of perfume composition

Credit Xaura

Recipe of the week: Spungata

Local products | Sunday 30 December

The sweetest side of the Lunigiana. In the hills of Sarzana, a simple and genuine dessert awaits you.


Recipe of the Week: Zabaione

Local products | Sunday 23 December

Zabaione can be savored alone in a cup or can accompany a delicious panettone!

Praise of the pimpinella (burnet) grass

Local products | Friday 21 December

In the western Liguria was once used against burns and sunburns.

Credit La mia Liguria

Recipe of the week: Martine pears in red wine

Local products | Sunday 16 December

A classic of this season, is a tasty recipe revisited, perfect in these autumn evenings.

Credit Pasticceria Cucchi dal 1936

Story of the panettone, the typical Italian Christmas cake

Local products | Monday 10 December

"Pani de latte and zuccaro" (bread od milk and sugar): everything starts from there, from the recipe that Cristoforo Messisbugo supplies in 1564 in his Libro Novo.


Recipe of the week: Martino’s chestnut bread

Local products | Sunday 09 December

Martino chestnut bread is a traditional bread, prepared with chestnut flour and enriched with walnuts. It is consumed in autumn and winter throughout the Italian Riviera mountains.

Credit Lemone

Recipe of the week: Pumpkin cake

Local products | Sunday 02 December

The delights of the pumpkin are many ... It also grows in poor soils and is of unparalleled generosity.

Credit Facebook site

Italian gin to conquer Berlin at BCB 2018

Business, Local products, Video | Friday 30 November

Italy has been the guest of honor country at the 2018 edition of Bar Convent Berlin, the most accredited European trade fair dedicated to the bar sector.

Market gardener, Credit Guillaume Piolle

The Provençal Santons [Photo gallery]

Local products, Gallery | Thursday 29 November

Advent ist arriving, time for cribs, an Italian tradition also present in south France

Credit Ricette con bimbi

Recipe of the week: Panarellina cake

Local products | Sunday 25 November

Panarellina cake is simple and quick to prepare, really perfect, soft and fragrant that has a great particularity, you have to bake AT COLD OVEN. In Genoa it is a classic to buy for children's birthday.


Recipe of the Week: Savory Tartrà

Local products | Sunday 18 November

Savory Tartrà is a traditional dish from Langhe, a hilly area in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont famous for its wines, cheeses, and truffles.


Recipe of the Week: Autumn country soup

Local products | Sunday 11 November

This country soup is an ancient Autumn dish from rural tradition brought back to modern days.

Credit Pixabay

Recipe of the week: Genoese Roasted Rice

Local products | Sunday 04 November

It is a traditional dish of Genoese cuisine, served just coming out of the oven, crunchy and fragrant (it is similar to the Spanish "arroz seco").

Credit Ken30684

Say Vermouth and think Turin [Video & photo gallery]

Local products, Video, Gallery | Tuesday 30 October

Presented the "Great Book of Vermouth of Turin", a work curated by Giusi Mainardi and Pierstefano Berta that represents a milestone for the history and communication of this important Piedmontese product.


Recipe of the week: Pietrabruna's Stroscia

Local products | Sunday 28 October

The Stroscia is a sweet typical of Pietrabruna, in the Imperia hinterland, whose basic ingredient is the local, fragrant olive oil.

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