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The vintage and contemporary car collection of Prince Rainier III

Places of interest | Monday 26 September

A 5000sq.m unique exhibition that brings together about one hundred vintage and contemporary cars

Recipe of the Week: Pan di Crue (chestnut bread)

Local products | Sunday 25 September

Many recipes contain chestnuts, here is one coming from the local ancient tradition, a mouthwatering bread that can be enjoyed as an afternoon snack, or as a suitable meal accompaniment.

Fall season in Piedmont region: flavors and tradition

Events, Places of interest, Itineraries, Local products | Saturday 24 September

So many festivals, celebrations, and events are organized throughout Piedmont region that it is truly hard to mention them all.

A new record for Carpasio this Summer

Places of interest, Business | Thursday 22 September

“We haven’t seen these many tourists in a long time" the Mayor of Carpasio assures

Salvador Dalì's incredible art in Cannes until November!

Events | Wednesday 21 September

An exhibition not-to-miss at the Centre d'Art La Malmaison in Cannes, until November 20th, "Salvador Dalí ou l'ivresse des reves", showing about 200 works from artist Jean Ferrero’s Collection and Salvador Dali Foundation.

Heritage railway connecting High Tanaro Valley and Turin is working again!

Itineraries, Places of interest, Events, Business | Monday 19 September

The goal is to promote again, and differently, the most important public work realized in Tanaro Valley.

Recipe of the Week: Carpasina (barley bread)

Local products | Sunday 18 September

Carpasinn-a is Carpasio’s traditional barley bread. In fact, there was a time in which wheat was hard to find and other grains were used to obtain flour; barley was among them and in Carpasio it replaced wheat in the production...

Brigasca region and culture: a heritage that knows no border

Places of interest, Itineraries | Friday 16 September

The Brigasca region definitely knows no boundaries, no flag, no other artificial or man-made divisions, or the fate of international politics, but, in the end, it follows its own instincts and transnational dimension.

First Monte Carlo Gala - for the Oceans

Events | Thursday 15 September

On Saturday, October 1st, during the Monaco Yacht Show, the Foundation will organize the first "Monte Carlo Gala", a prestigious evening in a unique setting. All revenues raised at the event will go to the Foundation’s...

New aircraft production by Piaggio Aerospace

Business | Wednesday 14 September

The first aircraft produced by Piaggio Aerospace has recently taken off from the runway at international airport Clemente Panero in Villanova d'Albenga, in the province of Savona.

A new stamp dedicated to Albenga has been issued!

Places of interest, Local products | Monday 12 September

The beautiful tourist and farming town, known for its ancient history dating back to Roman times, is now celebrated in this thematic series about "natural and landscape heritage".

Recipe of the Week: Raschera plin ravioli with white truffle

Local products | Sunday 11 September

“Plin” are traditional ravioli from Piedmont region whose preparation has been passed down through the centuries, from generation to generation.

A photogallery of 2016 Vele d'Epoca in Imperia

Events, Business, Gallery | Saturday 10 September

Some of the best moments of 2016 Vele d'Epoca in Imperia by photographer Giorgia Scamaldo

Spotlights on 2016 Panerai Vele d’Epoca in Imperia - the beautiful regatta continues

Events, Places of interest, Business, Gallery | Friday 09 September

Spotlights on 2016 Vele d’Epoca Panerai which began in Imperia on September 7th with a widely attended ceremony at the presence of civil and military authorities.

Smart Parking: an innovative system for parking cars!

Business | Thursday 08 September

New solutions for parking are coming directly from Romania, where an innovative system called “smart parking” was designed.

Explorer Thor Heyerdahl: from Norway to Liguria traveling the entire world

Places of interest | Tuesday 06 September

Archaeologist, anthropologist and explorer, Heyerdahl is known to most for his fearless undertaking, accomplished in 1947: the journey of 4,300 miles from the shores of South America to the Tuamotu Islands on a raft!

The new Pietrabruna and surroundings’ trail map available for free!

Itineraries, Places of interest | Monday 05 September

The project and the map have been developed both for hikers and bikers to invite them to discover the beautiful San Lorenzo inland.

Roots of Flavor: the International White Truffle Fair in Alba

Events, Local products, Business, Places of interest | Monday 05 September

The International White Truffle Fair - listed by the New York Times as one of the places “Where Foodies Should Go in 2016” – runs for 8 weeks, from October 8th to November 27th.

Recipe of the Week: Apricale's Pansarole

Local products | Sunday 04 September

Pansarola - a traditional dessert from Apricale - is usually accompanied by warm zabaione.

Grasse: "De la Belle Époque aux années folles" exhibit to rediscover the worldwide capital of perfume

Events, Places of interest, Local products, Business | Thursday 01 September

Grasse, a small town in France whose destiny and history have been closely linked to perfume, became well-known worldwide over the years for its production of jasmine, and other fragrances, such as myrtle, lavender, rose, and...

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