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What Makes The Euro And Japanese Yen Forex Pair So Popular?

What Makes The Euro And Japanese Yen Forex Pair So Popular?

The EUR/JPY pair combines the Euro (EUR) and the Japanese Yen (JPY), two titans of the forex world and the second and third most traded currencies globally. Nicknamed the ‘Euppy’ (pronounced ‘Yuppy’), it offers compelling opportunities for traders around the world. 
The pair’s popularity is rooted in the considerable economic stature of the Eurozone and Japan, as well as some unique characteristics that appeal to savvy traders. It’s also widely available on slick modern forex platforms such as Tradu, making it easy for you to enter the market. So why might you want to consider adding this security to your portfolio?

High liquidity and volatility
The EUR/JPY pair is renowned for its high liquidity and volatility alike, creating favourable conditions for many traders.
High liquidity ensures that large orders can be executed without significant price changes, making it easier for you to enter and exit positions efficiently. In contrast, less popular pairs come with a risk of price slippage - potentially eating into your trading capital.  
Meanwhile, the inherent volatility of this pair can result in substantial price movements within short periods. Its nature is partly owed to the contrasting economic makeup and approaches of both regions. While this unpredictability presents challenges for some, it also offers potential for high returns if you can navigate the market adeptly.

Interest rate differentials
Interest rate differentials between the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of Japan (BoJ) play a pivotal role in the attractiveness of the EUR/JPY pair. These differentials can lead to lucrative carry trade opportunities, where experienced traders aim to profit from the difference in interest rates between the two currencies.
With the ECB and BoJ often following different monetary policy paths - despite the latter recently hiking Japan’s rate for the first time in 17 years - these differentials can become significant, drawing traders to the pair.

News coverage
Understanding the fundamental factors that drive different currencies is key for successful trading. And the high profile of both economies means they receive considerable news coverage, aiding your analysis.
Central bank policies are key drivers of both sides of the pair, as covered above. But other triggers to monitor include economic data releases across the Eurozone and from the Japan Statistics Bureau.
Political events across the Eurozone’s more fractious states can also influence the pair, as can natural disasters which have hurt Japan’s economy in the past. 
The EUR/JPY forex currency pair's popularity is a testament to its dynamic nature, underpinned by the economic powerhouses it represents. For traders, both novice and experienced, understanding these facets of its appeal can unlock opportunities in one of the most intriguing pairs in the forex market.

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