Places of interest14 January 2020

Genoa: The second principle of Bansky, artworks of an artist in the Palazzo Ducale [Video & photo gallery]

War, capitalism and freedom are current issues addressed by this exhibition, by using the artworks of the internationally famous street artist named Bansky.

Drowning child in Venice, credit Marconatolli

Drowning child in Venice, credit Marconatolli

The exhibition is curated by Stefano Antonelli and Gianluca Marziani, and includes paintings, limited edition prints, sculptures and rare items, many of which will be exposed for the first time.  From 22.11.2019  to 20.03.2020.                      

The exhibition will be enriched by an infographic about the history of the artist, large historical boards about the works with photografic documentation, texts on the wall with his quotes taken from books, the original «black books», original posters of his exhibitions, counterfait money, the «I am an imbecile» hot air balloons used at Dismaland and some videos.

Banksy is one of the most criticised but also celebrated artists of our time. His powerful images and provocative messages have attracted an international public since his appearence on the artistic scene in the late 90’s. His artwork is a mixture ogf humor and deep sense of humanity, it is created for the wide audience and it can give a voice to everyone who feels left out by the society, everyone whose needs are often unexpressed or unheard. As a street artist, his artistic means go from the canvas to the screen printings, from the sculpture to the large installations. His willingness to reamin anonymous and his refusal to compromise confirm the fact that is impossibile to precisely define his artistic personality and his artworks.

The exhibition is made possible thanks to the loan provided by international private lenders; it is a unique occasion to appreciate and to experience a bit more the artist and his incredible technical ability which is the main feature of his entire artistic production.

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