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Climbing Ferrata dei Funs, Ico Quaranta-Gesso Valley [Video and photo gallery]

Beautiful and challenging via ferrata (a mountain route which is equipped with fixed cables, stemples, ladders, and bridges), built in a beautiful environment, suitable for those already familiar with this type of activity. There is however the possibility of bypassing the more difficult sections with paths.

Credit Facebook site

Credit Facebook site

Route description: You reach the village Tetti Violin from the road that leads from Entracque to Trinità, turning left at the chapel of Saint Lucia and shortly after finding a sign that indicates it. You can park your car. Carry on past the village along a small road which turns to dirt; via ferrata is indicated and the attach is about twenty minutes from the houses. It arrives at a crossroads: on the right is indicated the attach of the ferrata and the Funs Pian, left the Gorge of Reina and the pass of Lausa. From here the last few minutes if you choose to follow the main itinerary. The ferrata can be travelled along two routes of varying difficulty, here is a small table that follows the directions that are found on site:

Route 1: A difficult (with A1 variant very difficult, not mandatory); B (equipped path connecting A and C); C  is mid demanding); D (is challenging, rope bridge, arriving at the top); F (equipped path, DE connects to the second peak and reaches G); G (easy is equipped for the descent) - A total of 400 meters of altitude, difficult and exposed path that requires athletic passages, viable in 3:30 to 4:00 h.

Route 2: H (equipped path that leads to access of track C); C (is mid demanding); E (is easy in picturesque environment, reaches the summit); F (equipped path, DE connects to the second peak and reaches G); G (easy is equipped for the descent) - A total of 260 meters of altitude, route of medium difficulty, passable in 3:30 to 4:00 h.


Arrived on the first remember not to take off the harness, will serve even further!

The stretch H can be used as an escape at the end of stretch B.

At the end of part G, marked with pale yellow paint notches, a path leads back to the valley, passing back to the attach route 1 and then bringing in a short to the starting point.


Memories and feelings. Going up towards Entracque seems to plunge into a Dolomitic mountain scenery and arrived at Tetti Violin the surroundings are breathtaking: huge flowery meadow, the newborn leaves of the woods and cliffs that fall off net and climb vertical into the sky, all around a crown of fresh snow-capped mountains and a changing sky that depicts the strong contrasts.

The passes run fast up the path towards the start of the ferrata after a pleasant unexpected encounter of countrymen. " Valaourians! " greet seeing them. Continuing to the Gorge of Reina, which you will decide to visit on the way back.

As soon as you get a few meters leave the melancholy at the ground and totally immerse yourself in the identity between thought and action. Ah, yes, this is right, it's wonderful! No matter the complications of thinking, moral distinctions, sadness or happiness of everyday life: the body hanging is happy. Occasionally a brief pause, a look at the sky that opens and closes, the distant mountains, the highest peaks veiled by clouds and then return to sparkle in the sun, fresh new snow, fascinating attractions, strict and repulsive at the same time. It blows a fresh wind coming from far away and hisses in the beech forest wet and slippery.

Then a new jump, new attack, the sun returns to come forward. And a noise: a stone tumbling down. Not a human being, but lucky to have reached in silence, in front reveals a chamois jumping from rock to rock at short distance, pauses to look at you, and finally goes away. Continuing, going up, more and more distant from the voices that have become infinitely distant. We're just us, the man and his artifices, in contact with the wonder of nature. A handy rope bridge is projected on a gorge, once up and you find yourself on top.

From here all is way back, long relaxed, unhurried in the afternoon sun. Enjoy the final concentration of small passages making the descent. While around the path crowd always thicker the trees, you come back mute to the concerns of every day, the fleetingness of tranquility and serene sky, the heart beats fast, so quiet when it had only to survive and climb meter by meter from the rock to a huge patch of sky.

Judit Neuberger

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