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Sport and Skiing in Liguria [Video & photo gallery]

Lovers of nature and outdoor sports find their paradise in Liguria: don't forget everything you need to take an active holiday in a region that is an open-air gym.

Santo Stefano d'Aveto, credit Facebook site

Santo Stefano d'Aveto, credit Facebook site

Gymnastics for the body and the soul: Liguria trains the desire for well-being. Sports activities vary with the changing of the landscape: every view has its own discipline, every corner is the setting for moments of pure entertainment.

It starts at a gallop along splendid tracks where the horses can rest in equipped accommodation facilities that also offer guided tours. Getting carried away by the current in the canals of the Beigua Natural Park, of the Aveto as in many streams in Liguria is an adventure for everyone, thanks to the numerous canyoning associations that offer adequate and very experienced guides. From the river currents to the air currents the flight of the paragliders and hang-gliders stands out with the best instructors. It closes with the unpredictable, with the white winter mantle of the Ligurian mountain range, there are countless paths to admire. While ski lovers, who have access to various cross-country trails, can climb the unpolluted peaks. Experienced environmental and hiking guides are available to indicate the most beautiful or less known sites, between the sky and the sea, in the frame of a fauna and flora that seems to be painted. The ski resorts of Liguria can be counted on the fingers of one hand, while others offer the opportunity to practice cross-country skiing. 

Liguria manages to offer some mountains suitable for winter sports: the humid and mild air of the Ligurian Sea going up towards the mountains of the interior turns into soft snow, and sometimes you can see the snow from the coast. At high altitude the thickness of the mantle is more stable, and allows a handful of localities to provide services and facilities throughout much of the winter season.

Holidays in the mountains in Liguria have a special charm, given the short distance between the coast and the tops of the mountains, this often means skiing in front of the sea. In truth, most of the region is located on higher or lower elevations, where there is the possibility of enjoying a more varied holiday, made up of natural beauties, historic villages, art, culture, unique events.

Monesi di Triora

Ski resort in Liguria in the province of Imperia. Located on the slopes of Mount Saccarello whose summit reaches 2160 meters. In 2008 a new and modern two-seater chairlift was activated.


  • 2 Skilift          3 blue tracks
  • 1 Chairlifts     5 red tracks
  • Gondola lifts
  • Cable cars
  • Funiculars

Santo Stefano d'Aveto

Today the ski area of ​​Monte Bue in Santo Stefano d'Aveto is young, new and growing. It has two brand new two-seater chairlifts that connect Rocca d'Aveto to the summit of Monte Bue, and a ski lift to Prato Cipolla. In addition to the downhill slopes served by the chair lift and the ski lift, there is a snow park with a ski-lift carpet placed in the wonderful Prato Cipolla where the little ones and the neophytes can learn the art of skiing in complete safety. To add to this rich menu there are numerous nordic skiing trails, or cross-country skiing, which allow you to travel tens of kilometers through beech forests or along the ridge of the valleys. The town, which has always been dedicated to welcoming and disciplining winter sports, has all the features and potential of an Alpine resort, offering visitors a unique stay.


  • 1 Ski lift            3 blue tracks
  • 2 Chair lifts        6 red tracks
  • 1 Treadmill         1 black Track
  • Cable cars
  • Funiculars

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