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Holidays in Italy

Holidays in Italy

Spending a vacation in Italy is one of the thing that everyone would like to do, once in a life. Food, art, culture and the tipycally italian way to live are just some of the reasons that will make you desire a holiday in this old, ancient and beautiful country. The charme of Europe and speciall of Italy, recalls thousand of visitors from all over the world, every year.

The beauty of Rome, with the roman history that you can find everywhere you are walking: Colosseo, Fori romani and all the buidings that are still creating a contact with the origine of our civilization. Take a visit to Vatican City is almost compulsory when you are in Rome: if you are lucky you could see the Pope in person!

Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Here, all the artists that are renowned have their place in the city or in the Uffizi Museum. Florence is the city of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and the most important astist that we all know.

Venice, the original one, is the ciy built on the laguna: beautuful and ancient buildings that sprung from the sea where you will not have to cross a street but... the water. Beautiful bridges are part of the preciuous city and you can travel and visit all her beauties with a typical boat: the gondola.

Naples is the earth of Italy: here is where pizza was born as a gift for the queen Margherita and where you can see the beauty of the real italian tradion. From Naples you can take the chance to visit the magical island of Capri, to know more about the history of Pompei and the Vesuvio, to have a beautiful day in Sorrento and on a sea-cost unique in the world.

Thaking a holiday in Italy could be more cheap that what you thing. You can travel in confortable way, spending your time in amazing location and of course, eating the most appreciate food in the world. You can find a solution for youu cheap holiday in Italy and discover a lot about Europe. Dealchecker

These are just some of the beautiful cities that you can visit in Italy without spending all your savings but with the pleasure of a real vacation between the history, the legend of a legendary past, discovering news recipes and a lot of curiosities and tips that you will bring back with you onve you will go back.

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