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Punta Cana glamour for holidays

Punta Cana glamour for holidays

Have you always desired to dive in to the crystilline water and take your best moment between the sun and a warm, white sand? Your dream is possible in Punta Cana! Being in such a beautiful place is the desire that everyone of us made, at least once in a life: the perfect relaxing vacation.

Punta Cana is the more eastern coast of the Dominica Republic, between Carrabean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It's a real paradise on earth where tourists can spend their vacation in a whole and perfect relax on beautiful beaches like the one that we use to see on postcards: wite sand, palms and a multicolored sea.

Punta Cana is not just sea and beautiful beaches but also sport, nature, culture and traditions. Here you can discover the tasty recipe of the local restaurants that seems to become from another time dimension and also visit the “Aromas Museum” entirely dedicated to the history and the production of rum, coffee, cigar and chocolate. Inside the museum you will be able to follow sensory pathways  and tasting the local delicious products.

For those who want to take a look into the real production of theese products, is possible to take part in a tour that will take place between the farm, to observe all the productive field that is behind this manufactoring.

Once in Punta Cana you will feel at home and is not a surprise that a lot of tourists decide to change their vacation in to a permanent situation, relocating in this part of paradise. Before taking plan is better to taste the place with an all inclusice vacation in Punta Cana all inclusive and and everything else will come by itself!

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