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Sanremo: the Tethys Research Institute finds "home" in the seat of the Yacht Club, an important synergy for the sea [Video gallery]

It is therefore a particularly important and eventful summer with great news for Tethys. Meanwhile, sightings continue with splendid dolphins and sperm whales.

Credit Facebook site

Credit Facebook site

Even if the heat has arrived a little late compared to the last few years, the Cetacean Sanctuary "Pelagos" in the Ligurian Sea, continues to give spectacular emotions to those who venture into the sea with the experts who bring enthusiasts close to whale and dolphins evolutions.

After the sightings of the last days of the many dolphins, the first cruise of the Tethys Research Institute of the season brought 25 sightings in 4 days, of which 11 of huge common whales and 4 of splendid male sperm whales, among other things old acquaintances of the Institute of research.

In fact, a few days ago, the Institute reached an agreement with the Sanremo Yacht Club to share its seat in the historic building on the Matuziano port. Definitely an important synergy for the Institute but also for the Yacht Club, as confirmed by President Beppe Zaoli who underlined how essential it is for everyone to preserve the cleanliness of the sea. 

"At the moment we have not yet dealt with issues that can be carried out together - Sabina Airoldi told us - but surely there will be a way to collaborate with the Yacht Club that has given us space, especially for the sake of the sea".

Judit Neuberger

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