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Nervi International Festival From 02.07.2019 to 20.07.2019 Parchi di Nervi, Genoa

After the great success achieved with Euroflora in April 2018, Nervi is once again the stage for Genoa and is ready to host a 20-day event that will combine ballet with other art forms.

Villa Grimaldi Fassio Parchi di Nervi, credit Alessio Sbarbaro

Villa Grimaldi Fassio Parchi di Nervi, credit Alessio Sbarbaro

 From 2 to 20 July, Villa Grimaldi Fassio and the surrounding area - for a space of 8 thousand square meters - will host the International Nervi Festival. The shows will be held in a natural arena overlooking the sea, a unique setting to experience and share. The key element of this new and spectacular exhibition - which has its roots in the excellences of Nervi's history - will be the alternation between the ballets brought on stage by high-profile classical dance companies, the refined encounters between pop and author's music and the evocative notes of the Orchestra of the Teatro Carlo Felice, and the prose performances that will see great artists of the show as protagonists.

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The International Festival of Nervi is an event strongly desired by the municipal administration, committed not only in the process of revaluing the splendid location of the eastern city, but above all in creating events that can be of interest to visitors, tourists and the Genoese. The event, created and promoted by the Rotary initiative of Genoa, uses the organizational support of the National Theater of Genoa. The high-profile programming at the Parchi di Nervi will continue in 2020 with the first edition of the "International Ballet Festival".

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Here some highlights:

The Tokyo Ballet 07.07.2019: Also the great dance is the protagonist of this review. Arrives in Nervi with the classic ballet of The Tokyo Ballet; one of the most important classical dance companies in the world, founded in 1964, which has in its repertoire ballets signed by all the major choreographers, in particular by Maurice Bejart.

Il Volo 09.07.2019: The show of Il volo with the Orchestra del Teatro Carlo Felice. 2019 is the 10th anniversary of Il Volo. The three young artists are involved in projects in Italy, but especially in the world, with the release of the new album "Music" at an international level and with a tour that touches Europe, Japan and North America.

Les Ballets Trockadero de Montecarlo 12.07.2019: July 12th will be the turn of Les Ballets Trockadero de Montecarlo; founded in 1974, Les Ballets Trockadero takes up the tradition of classical ballet in an ironic and irreverent but technically flawless way, for a dance company composed of only men.

Caetano Veloso 07/16/2010: On July 16th the Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitarist Caetano Veloso will be the star of the evening. Veloso is among the most influential and beloved artists of the Brazilian music scene; of great fascination are the wonderful Brazilian atmospheres of his songs and his magical sounds.

Emir Kusturica 17.07.2019: On 17th July there will be a concert by the director and musician Emir Kusturica. The inimitable Balkan band that accompanies him in concerts blends and mixes rock and gypsy, South American and folk, punk and ethnic rhythms, capturing the traditional influences of Yugoslav music with instruments such as violin, accordion, sax, electric guitar, drums and trombone.

Dance Gala by Sergey Polunin 20.07.2019: Closes the exhibition on July 20 the Dance Gala of Sergey Polunin; one of the most important contemporary talents of classical dance, a strong personality, as well as from the artistic point of view, as from the media, due to the challenging and sometimes provocative attitudes that make him the controversial and emerging star of the world dance scene, first dancer at the most important theaters in the world, including the Scala, the Royal Ballet, the Bolscioi, the Bayerische Staatsballet.

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