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"Nice 2019 - L' Odyssée du Cinéma", the exhibitions

The biennial of art and culture dedicated to cinema. The program of the initiative and the schedules of the Nice museums consecrated 2019 to the cinema to celebrate in the best way the centenary of the de Victorine Studios.

These are legendary cinematographic "studios", known internationally, where innumerable masterpieces have been shot: Les Enfants du Paradis by Marcel Carné, La Nuit américaine by François Truffaut, Le Mystère Picasso of Henri-Georges Clouzot, La Baie des Anges by Jacques Demy, over 800 films in all.

In collaboration with the Cinémathèque française and with the patronage of its President, Costa-Gavras, the city of Nice celebrates the centenary of the Studios de la Victorine with a series of initiatives that will be developed throughout the year and that will be brought together with the logo: "Nice 2019 - L'Odyssée du Cinéma". The initiatives will characterize the fourth edition of the Biennale of Arts in Nice, curated by Jean-Jacques Aillagon.

With seven different exhibitions, the biennial will reveal the richness of the history of cinema in the capital of the Côte d'Azur and the multiple influences between the visual arts and the seventh art. The "Festival-Rétrospective Victorine" initiative, co-produced with the Cinémathèque française, will allow the programming of sixty cinematographic masterpieces that have Nice as a common denominator.

At the end of September, for 3 days. it will be possible to discover, in the Sudios, "the back side of the scenario" and the magic of cinema creation.

These are the exhibitions that will take place during the year in the city, during "Nice 2019 - The Odyssee du Cinéma".

Musée Masséna - "Nice, Cinémapolis" The exhibition proposes, through a richly documented historical fresco, that evokes the intimate relationship that binds Nice to the cinema, from the Lumière brothers until today. From May 17th to September 30th.

MAMAC - “Le diable au corps. When the op art electrizes the cinéma" In the early 1960s, cinematography everywhere in Europe is at a crossroads: destabilizing perception and democratizing art. From May 17th to September 29th - Expo" Life is a film ", edited by Niçois Ben. From June 15th to October 18th.

Musée Chagall - Expo of designer,filmmaker and video maker Clément Cogitore. From 11 May to 22 October.

Musée de la Photographie - Exhibition dedicated to the photographer, filmmaker and writer Alain Fleischer. From June 14th to September 29th

Musée Matisse - Expo "Cinématisse", which will explore the ties between Matisse and the cinema, on more than 500 square meters. From 19 September 2019 to 5 January 2020.

Aéroport de Nice, Promenade du Paillon and Studios de la Victorine - "La Victorine dans l'oeil des Mirkine - photographes of sets" From 11th May to 30th September.

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