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Discover Genoa at Easter: sea, art and amusement! [Photo gallery]

At Easter Genoa is even more beautiful! Visit our Superba city and discover the amazing balance between culture, beauty and charm that make it unique.

Credit Daniele DF1995

Credit Daniele DF1995

During Easter holidays, Genoa offers many occasions to enjoy the multifaceted experiences scheduled for the next weeks.
Smelling the delicious almond fragrance of the tasty treats quaresimali and with the eyes full of the beauty of these first days of spring, it will be possible to fill your heart of new experiences and the city will reveal its scents, artistic heritage, panoramic glimpses, parks and the beauty of the sea.
Genoa and the sea are inextricably bonded since forever: you absolutely need to visit the panoramic terraces of the city from where you will be able to admire the wonderful Ligurian Coast,  then let yourself enjoy the charming ancient seafaring towns, have a break sitting on the rocks nestled in the middle of hidden beaches, and enjoy a flaming sunset while having a walk along the boardwalks from the XIX century.

[Credit Gabriel Rinaldi]

Moreover, take advantage of  the warm weather to discover the charm of the Old Port: this ancient port area was redesigned by the architect Renzo Piano in 1992  and today offers a wide square where you can enjoy a wonderful view on the sea while sipping a drink, having a delicious dinner or diving in the pool. Just a few meters from this area, you will find the amazing Aquarium of Genoa and the Galata Museum that will lead you through an exciting journey among the beauties of the sea.

[Biosphere of Renzo Piano, Credit Christine Zenino]

The Old Town, which is one of the largest in Europe, is ready to welcome you with its charming maze of narrow streets (Caruggi), the splendid architecture of churches and the ancient Rolli palaces, the historical shops and the colorful ethnic shops: one of the best ways to discover all of these amazing sights is take part to the “Genova Walking Tours”.

[Palazzo San Georgio, credit Jensens]

Genoa has an incredibly vast cultural heritage and its museums are filled with every kind of wonder: from the fascinating world of the sea, passing  though art, cosmopolitan cultures, science, nature, history and archaeology. Therefore, there are many exhibitions that you definitely should not miss: at the Oriental Museum of Art “Edoardo Chiossone”, from February 22th to May 5th, you can visit the exhibition "Tokyo Tsukiji. Photographs by Nicola Tanzini" where you will discover the world's largest fish market situated in the Japanese capital. Worth mentioning are also the exhibitions dedicated to Giorgio De Chirico’s metaphysical art –with more than 100 paintings of the Master-  (from the 29th of March to the 7th of July at Palazzo Ducale) and to the amazing paintings by Caravaggio and his followers, showed at the art exhibit “Caravaggio and the Genoese” (from the 14th of February to the 24th of June at Palazzo della Meridiana).

Also, the Civic Museum of Natural History “Giacomo Doria” hosts the incredible exhibition “Dragons” with more than 100 alive specimens of Saurians that will definitely blow your mind. Speaking about surprises, at the Old Port you will find “The Art of the Brick”, the first great contemporary art show whose masterpieces are entirely made of  LEGO® bricks.

[Piazza De Ferrari, credit Hpschaefer]

Moreover, there will be plenty of amusing events: starting on the 17th of April with the Great Dance Gala for the city of Genoa, with the exceptional participation of soloists from the Hamburg Ballet under the artistic management of Jacopo Bellussi, whose proceeds will be given to charity; next up, on the 18th of April, you will be able to dance and sing to the strains of the songs by the ABBA tribute show “ABBAdream- The Ultimate ABBA Tribute Show” at the Politeama Genovese Theatre; also, if you prefer the symphonic music, at the Carlo Felice Theatre you can listen to the Tribute Concert to Nino Rota. Then, on the 19th of April at the Politeama Genovese Theatre, i twill the the turn of a tribute show in honour of one of the most revolutionary bands in the world’s music history, The Beatles, thanks to the amazing show "Revolution - The Beatles Musical" by the tribute band The Beatbox. On the same day, you will also have the chance to discover the completely new and unpublished versions of the band Afterhours’ repertoire,  with Manuel Agnelli and Rodrigo D'erasmo, who will put on the stage of the Teatro della Tosse, the show "An Evening With Manuel Agnelli“on the occasion of the Goa-Boa Festival Preview.

[Nervi Park]

So... why should you choose Genoa to spend your Easter holidays? Easy: because your stay will be simply unique and extraordinary, just like Genoa is.

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