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Genoa: From Monet to Bacon: Masterpieces from the Johannesburg Art Gallery in Palazzo Ducale [Photo gallery]

Palazzo Ducale has the privilege of hosting important masterpieces from one of the most significant art museums of the African continent - The Johannesburg Art Gallery - offering the public the opportunity to discover a collection of works hardly visible in other locations.

Monet, Moreno garden Bordighera

Monet, Moreno garden Bordighera

Monet, Bordighera]

The exhibition presents over fifty works, including oils, watercolors and graphics, which bear the signature of some of the main protagonists of the international art scene of the nineteenth and twentieth century: from Edgar Degas to Dante Gabriel Rossetti, from Jean Baptiste Corot to Alma Tadema, from Vincent Van Gogh to Paul Cézanne, from Pablo Picasso to Francis Bacon, from Roy Lichtenstein to Andy Warhol and many others.

[Monet, Olive grove]

Contemporary African art is the theme of the last section of the exhibition: a real discovery, an opportunity to meet a pictorial reality that is not well known to the European public.

[Degas, Dance class]

The exhibition, divided into chronological and thematic sections, allows visitors to take a journey through the history of art from the mid-nineteenth century to the late twentieth century, ranging from Europe to the United States to South Africa in a story that moves between historical moments, places and different artistic languages.

[Bacon, George Dyer talking Portrait]

In addition, the exhibition allows the public to discover the fascinating history of the Johannesburg Art Gallery. The main protagonist of the museum history was Lady Florence Phillips, wife of Sir Lionel Phillips. She was a charming woman and an art collector, convinced that her city should have an art museum. For this reason Lady Florence persuaded her husband and some industry magnates to invest in the project. From its opening, the museum presented a selection of works of extraordinary quality and modernity, a nucleus that was enriched over the years, thanks to new acquisitions and donations.

[Van Gogh, Olive trees]

Until 3rd March, open all day long.

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