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Recipe of the Week: Zabaione

Zabaione can be savored alone in a cup or can accompany a delicious panettone!

Credits: www.maggesefood.it

Credits: www.maggesefood.it

Zabaglione (or zabaione) is a dessert several centuries old and with quite some history, in fact there are several conflicting sources about its origin and name.

One of the many famous legends claims that it was invented in the sixteenth century in Turin and called cream of San Baylon and then simply Sambayon (in Piedmont, zabaione is called Sanbajon to this day) to remember the Franciscan St. Pasquale Baylón, saint patron of cooks and pastry chefs.

Zabaione can be savored alone or can accompany a delicious panettone!



In a saucepan mix the egg yolks with sugar until the mixture is white and fluffy. Still stirring, add a little Moscato at a time. Boil and cook in a double boiler, low heat, stirring constantly without reaching the boil and until the mixture begins to mount. At that point remove from heat immediately. Zabaglione is served hot or cold in a cup with biscuits. Or to accompany a dessert.

Deborah Bellotti

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