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Italian gin to conquer Berlin at BCB 2018

Italy has been the guest of honor country at the 2018 edition of Bar Convent Berlin, the most accredited European trade fair dedicated to the bar sector.

Credit Facebook site

Credit Facebook site

And right next to the main pavilion, from 8 to 10 October visitors (over 14 thousand admissions were expected) have been welcomed by a hub that brought together some of the best producers and brand owners of Italian gins.

That's the Spirit and (the most visited Italian website dedicated to the distillate) have in fact launched the hub to support the producers of the Belpaese in the export of their products and to give them visibility on the international markets. Moreover That's the Spirit presented a preview of the new "Adotta un gin" project to help European producers to export their gins in Italy, with a view of collaboration among the various players on the market.

Italian Gin, 170 new labels in a few years

The Italian gin is a phenomenon that is reaching significant proportions. In recent years, over 170 new labels have been launched on the market and are distinguished by the quality of the distillates, the abundance of raw materials out of the ordinary and the variety and differentiation of the final product. Moreover, experience in the tradition of distillation is combined with creativity and inspiration, especially considering that juniper distillates were common in the peninsula centuries before the invention of gin.

The aim of the project is therefore to make this aspect of Made in Italy known in Italy and abroad. And the Berlin event is an opportunity to give visibility to Italian brands (only fifty exports its products).

The hub of Italian gin hosted some brands with their own booth, the first to join the selected ones: Bonasi Brand with Gin David, Cantine Sant'Agata with Gin Agricolo Evra, Gadàn and Blagheur, Beniamino Maschio with Kapriol Dry Gin and Gin Aqva Lvce, Pure Sardinia with Solo Wild Gin and Doro Aged Gin, Notwork Production with Gin Mì and Gin Tì, Picogram with PhD Gin and 1528 Gin Liqueur with Cocoa, Mercury Spirits Ltd with VII Hills Italian Dry Gin, Levante Spirits with Ginepraio, Extra with Taggiasco ExtraVirGin, Francoli with Gin Acqueverdi, About Ten with Greedy Gin, Virus with Gin Tifi and finally Hemp Herb Organics with the absolute preview of a new gin.

They could be tasted pure and mixed with fruit pulps and other ingredients thanks to the presence of Mixer, who managed the bar inside the hub.

Judit Neuberger

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