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Also Savona protagonist of the exhibition "Birth of Matter. Lucio Fontana and Albisola " [Video gallery]

The Museum of Ceramics and the Milani-Cardazzo collection on display at Palazzo Gavotti celebrate the genius and the works of Lucio Fontana, entering the " artistic map " of the exhibition.

Two landmarks of the art of Savona that welcomed the invitation to pay homage to the great Italian-Argentine artist, who chose Albisola as the pivot of his artistic activity from 1936 onwards. In the Ceramics Museum you will be able to admire some works that celebrate Fontana's relationship with Albisola and above all with his ceramic workshops, which he regularly attended.

Palazzo Gavotti will also be home to the exhibition Nascita della Materia. Lucio Fontana and Albisola: here are permanently exposed several works of the artist, which can be seen in the Milena Milani Collection in memory of Carlo Cardazzo: among these the famous "Attese" and the ceramic portrait of Milena Milani created by the artist.

A natural choice was to include this stage within the exhibition: Fontana was in fact strongly linked to both Milena Milani and Carlo Cardazzo. On the one hand, the great friendship with the famous writer and artist from Savona, who together with Fontana founded the spatialist movement, on the other the historical collaboration with Carlo Cardazzo, who with Fontana created the first exhibition of black light, the so-called "Ambiente Spaziale ", hosted by Cardazzo in its Galleria del Naviglio in Milan.

The exhibition center of the MuDA in Albissola Marina is also at the heart of the exhibition, as well as the "Fontana places" that can be visited by walking around Albissola: from Pozzo Garitta to the Mazzotti Ceramics, from the Lungomare degli Artisti to the Casa Museo Jorn, up to the Ceramiche San Giorgio and at the Bar Testa. Albisola Superiore, Celle Ligure and Varazze are also involved in the exhibition.

The exhibition, strongly desired by the Municipality of Albissola Marina to honor Fontana in memory of the 50th anniversary of his death, had the full support of the Lucio Fontana Foundation in Milan and the scientific supervision of Enrico Crispolti, the most authoritative Fontana scholar and curator of the general catalog of the artist's work. Together with Crispolti, Paola Valenti, a professor at the University of Genoa, has guaranteed scientific supervision, being particularly skilled in the relationship between Fontana and architecture. The curator of the exhibition is Luca Bochicchio, from 2011 also involved in the project MuDA Museo Diffuso Albisola on behalf of the University of Genoa and the Municipality of Albissola Marina.

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