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Discover LASIT, the Italian world-leading laser marking machine manufacturer

Laser marking technology is crucial for many businesses, particularly those looking to quickly mark their products, such as mechanical tools and jewellery, as they are being introduced into the market, and even for coin minting

Discover LASIT, the Italian world-leading laser marking machine manufacturer

LASIT is the first and most renowned Italian manufacturer of laser marking and engravingmachines. The company produces some of Europe’s most innovative appliances whichcan be used on virtually all materials - wood, paper, plastic, metal, films, glass and so on.With a range of 130 different types of laser machines, no request is impossible to fulfil byLASIT.

The firm has over 3000 very diverse customers worldwide: whether they be largecompanies looking to quickly mark their products as they are being introduced into themarket or artisans who need it occasionally, LASIT has been able to satisfy them all. Thiscould have only been accomplished with its great flexibility and experience, along with aninfallible Italian technological design.

The company has been making personalised,bespoke machines for businesses in 50 countries since 1990.Flexibility and innovation are at the heart of LASIT’s marketing strategy. The company’sresearch and development department is working towards constant technologicaladvancement, particularly in the fields of mechanics, automation, hardware and software.Their team also follows very closely market trends and demands.

The new ‘TESAtechnique’ for film laser marking is an example of this. That is how LASIT succeeds infinding practical and innovative solutions to their customers’ demands, from lasermarking to precision micro-perforation.These formidable machines have many common applications. For example, cutting tools,such as drilling inserts, milling cutters and blades undergo strong and constantmechanical pressures, hence they are made of very resilient materials. Likewise, the laserengravings on them need to be extremely precise, durable, legible and clean withoutaltering the physical parameters of the products.

Only LASIT is able to reconcile thesetechnological achievements with low economic costs and swift delivery times.Laser marking is also crucial for manufacturers of automotive components, medicalutensils, jewellery, electrics, mechanics, measuring equipment, wood products, mandrels,textures and moulds. Interestingly for the latter category, laser marking is practically onlyviable option as it allows high-quality 3D precision, vital for things like security features oncoins.Want to learn more about LASIT and its laser machines?

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