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2016 Wine Harvest: Moscatello's doubling production and Rossese's higher quality

Although the wine grape harvest this year was delayed compared to last season especially for Ormeasco and Rossese, for all four quality wines of Western Liguria - Pigato, Vermentino, Ormeasco and Rossese - this promises to be a very high quality year.

Credits: liguria.confagricoltura.it

Credits: liguria.confagricoltura.it

2016 grape-growing season was characterized by a rainy June, a summer that started only in July, still warm and little rainy and which did not see large temperature differences between day and night, but still favored a good acidity, containing, in certain areas, the phenolic ripeness.

Overall in Liguria good acidity will benefit wine giving it longevity and good character.

Summer drought resulted in a slight decrease in production but the healthy grapes will bring excellent overall quality.

2014 Rossese of Dolceacqua vintage was assigned the highest award by the Italian Sommelier Association on Guida Vitae 2017. Rossese of Dolceacqua has indeed achieved great strides over the past decade, raising its quality in all wine companies, and awakening the interest of international wine magazines and bloggers who now speak firmly about the first red wine DOC in Liguria.

Very interesting evolution as well for a small production like Taggia’s Moscatello. After the birth of a Consortium and the planting of new vine cuttings, this is, at last, the production year.

The production doubled, grapes are all healthy and the year promises to be a really very good one. Moscatello, which has been defined 'Gods Ambrosia', has a very ancient history. It survived thanks to the stoic stubborness of Eros Mammoliti who spent years searching the countryside between Taggia and Ceriana to find traces of the vine.

A healthy plant was selected with Anna Schneider – a leading Italian expert in  ampelography - and with the help of the University of Turin and the Consortium Moscato D'Asti. The resulting Moscatello is a gem. An aromatic wine with very few features which can even be vinified dry, Moscatello now falls under the Western Riviera DOC. The increase in production will certainly be a great addition to the wine variety in the Ligurian Riviera.


Deborah Bellotti

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