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More prestigious vineyards to come in Liguria

Within the next three years, expansion of cultivation of well-known Ligurian vineyards is planned; it will lead to an increased production of world-wide appreciated wines such as Vermentino, Pigato, Ormeasco, Moscatello, Rossese.

More prestigious vineyards to come in Liguria


According to the last assignment by the Liguria Regional government, companies in the Imperia province will be able to expand by twenty-six hectares their excellent and world-wide appreciated vineyards, adding to the two hundred and fifty already planted and in full production.

More than ten percent of the DOC area has already been allocated and is ready to be cultivated by forty wineries.

Requesting a total of thirty-one hectares, the 41 companies were granted twenty-six. Twenty hectares will be allocated to the DOC Ligurian Riviera di Ponente white wine, which includes the two well-known and increasingly widely recognised Vermentino and Pigato, the rising star Taggia's Moscatello, and the vine Granaccia.

The two red wines from Imperia, Pornassio's Ormeasco and Dolceacqua's Rossese, got three hectares each going from thirty to thirty-three hectares for Ormeasco and from fifty to fifty-three for Rossese.

Excellent performance for the reborn Moscatello, which continues expanding by doubling the assigned surfaces, from three to six hectares in total. On a provincial basis, the surface will go from two hundred and fifty to two hundred and seventy hectares of DOC vineyards.

The companies have now three years to complete planting these vineyards.


Deborah Bellotti

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