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White Truffle: the International Fair in Alba has just started!

October 10th marked the beginning of the 85th International White Truffle Fair in Alba.



October 10th marked the beginning of the 85th International White Truffle Fair in Alba. The Fair, running until November 15th, is going to treat visitors with a month-long rich calendar where food and wine, cultural and folklore events are going to continue to impress and surprise everyone, as they do every year.

White Truffle Saturday and Sunday markets, White Truffle gourmet events, wine tasting, a medieval fair, street markets selling local and unique products  - such as the Piedmont hazelnut, the Roero pear or local flavorful cheese, an ecomarathon, art and jazz, are some of the many events framed in the beautiful city of Alba, a town in the province of Cuneo, in the Langhe and Roero. An area in the Piedmont region, Langhe and Roero are becoming increasingly popular for their Medieval hill-top villages, local foods, castles and museums; tourism here is focused on gastronomy, with fine wines accompanying the rich dishes of Langhe tradition.

The White Truffle, at center stage of this international event, is spherical in shape, irregular, and has a pale yellow outer layer. It varies in size and can be collected from late summer, throughout autumn, up until early winter. Truffles only grow wild and can be stored in the refrigerator (3-6°C) for about a week wrapped in a paper towel and stored in a sealed glass container. White truffle should always be eaten raw, in very thin slices to enhance the fragrance.

Alba's closest airports are Milan, Turin or Genoa wherefrom it can be reached by car or train. 

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