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#Recipe of the week: Streppa e caccia là

Streppa e caccia là is a typical Cucina Bianca's dish, a sort of open lasagna, served with seasonal vegetables.

Foto © armadillobar.blogspot.it

Foto © armadillobar.blogspot.it

"Streppa e caccia là", a local dialect phrase to literally mean 'tear and throw in', is a typical Cucina Bianca dish of the Malghe of Mendatica. It is similar to the "sugeli" homemade pasta - they share the type of dough and the brusso sauce - but the "Streppa e caccia là" dough is torn into small pieces then flattened with fingers, before being "thrown" directly into boiling water with cabbage leaves, turnips and potatoes. It's likely that the streppa and caccia là evolved from sugeli, due to shepherds' long stays in the pastures away from minimum comfort (a cupboard, a plan to work with the dough, etc.) and female care.


Prepare the dough adding water to 500 g of flour, a spoon of olive oil and salt. Form a ball and place it in a cloth to rest for about an hour.

The "streppa and caccia là", literally tear and throw in, are prepared by tearing small pieces of dough and lightly flattening them between the fingers and throwing them into a pot with salted boiling water and cabbage leaves, turnips and potatoes.

In a hot bowl, melt four spoons of brussu, a typical cheese of the area, 2 spoons of olive oil and a couple spoonfuls of the water from the pasta. Drain the streppa and caccialà, add the cheese sauce and add abundant grated pecorino cheese. Serve hot. 



Deborah Bellotti

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