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The Collisioni Festival is also back in 2018, from 29th June till 24th July

An event that takes place in Barolo, the town on the Piedmont hills famous for its wine and the beautiful landscapes that surround it. And today, also famous for this festival become one of the most important in Italy.

The Collisioni Festival is also back in 2018, from 29th June till 24th July

During the several days of this "agrirock" festival will be held meetings, debates, presentations and non-stop concerts in the squares of Barolo along with many writers, journalists, actors, singers and nobel prizes who converse informally with each other and with the public present.

Barolo is a village perched on the hill, dominated by the castle, surrounded by the magical aura of the vineyards, the epicenter of the Unesco Piemonte territory, the only Italian wine-producing landscape to have deserved this recognition. There is the strange breath of something that must happen, and at the same time that sense of peace that you encounter in the eyes of its inhabitants. There are so many countries in one country. There are landscapes that change at every corner, sophisticated buildings that are next to the gardens of the villagers, a bunch of salad, two carrots, as it used to be. There is a riding school with horses and even a curious corkscrew museum. And the Barolo shopkeepers sitting outside the shop, which looks like a photograph of many years ago. There are the beautiful cellars of the wine producers, and the restaurants with the tables outside, leaning against the alleys, like those small French bistros, with the ivy that rises accompanying the gaze upward, towards the sky, shining. There is the castle of course.

The Festival Collisioni, promoted by the Piedmont Region, was conceived in 2009 by a team of artists made up of Italian journalists and writers, interested in finding a formula capable of talking to new generations and breaking down the fences between different artistic languages. Since the first legendary edition, in 2009, some of the most important Italian writers such as Alessandro Baricco have intervened for free to dialogue with the audience of young people in an open lecture on the most urgent topics related to the new generations. The festival has grown exponentially over the years, becoming a theater for great concerts and meetings, doubling the number of spectators at each edition. The type of audience is made up half of young people under 30. At least 400 young people from Piedmont and throughout Italy, collaborate as volunteers preparing interviews, web radio, video and organizing concerts of emerging music on secondary stages. The presence of thousands of young people in the country contributes to create a very special and lively atmosphere, unusual for a literature festival, which makes Collisioni a truly unique reality in the panorama of European festivals. Great appreciations on Collisions were made by artists like Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Salman Rushdie, Paul Auster, Michael Cimino, Jamiroquai.

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A series of musical events enlivens the town's main square every year in the months of June and July 2018. For its tenth birthday, the Collisioni Festival will open with an exceptional event: the only summer concert of the Depeche Mode in Italy, scheduled for Monday, July 2nd, 2018. For July 28th, the concert of Lenny Kravitz has been announced, which will perform with his band on the main stage of the Festival Agrirock. On June 30th 2018 there will be a concert by the trio Nek, Max Pezzali, Francesco Renga. A live with more than 30 tracks in the lineup chosen among the greatest hits of each of the three Italian singers. They will perform on the main stage of the festival for a concert in the true spirit of Collisioni, in which they will interpret in three voices the greatest hits of their extraordinary careers. On the same stage they will combine three incredible twenty-five years repertories, reinterpreted in unpublished versions and not only. The 1st of July will be the turn of Caparezza who returns in concert at the Collisioni Festival with his new tour to present his latest album "Prisoner 709", already Disco d'Oro. On 24th July 2018 will be the turn of Steven Tyler, the frontman of Aerosmith that after New York, Detroit, Vienna, London will stop in Barolo with his world tour for a concert not to be missed. Elio and the Tese Stories will close their Tour d'Addio just at the Collisioni 2018, where they will perform Friday, June 29th, 2018. An unforgettable evening with the biggest party ever conceived by Elio and the Tese Stories to live together with the fans one of the most significant moments of a 38-year career of successes. From "Cara ti amo" to "Cateto", from "La terra dei cachi" to "Shpalman", from "Luigi the pugilist" to the last "The controversial circus", the band will bring on stage all the great songs that have marked the history of Italy.

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