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Recipe of the week: Fundùa d tigùi (fonduta with leaves of sorrel)

A typical and tasty recipe from Piedmont.

Recipe of the week: Fundùa d tigùi (fonduta with leaves of sorrel)

The sorrel (Rumex acetosa) or abrupt herb is a perennial herbaceous plant, provided with a large root, from which, in spring, develops an erect stem, simple or not very branched reddish color, can reach a height of one meter. The plant contains vitamin C, iron oxalate, oxalic acid and iron.

Macagn is a very old cheese. Only whole bovine milk, rennet and salt are used. The use of any type of additives and / or ferments is not allowed. Its processing is defined as raw milk, which retains all its original characteristics.

[Credit Ivar Leidus ]


  • 300 g little seasoned Macagn
  • 3 eggs 
  • 40 g butter 
  • 2 handfuls leaves of sorrel washed and dried 
  • 5-6 tablespoons milk 
  • pepper 


  1. With the half-moon roughly chop the leaves of sorrel and put cold in a pan together with the butter, cook over low heat for a few minutes to let the herbs shrivel, add the cheese cut into small pieces and a few tablespoons of milk, stir with a wooden spoon to mix the ingredients.
  2. When the cheese is almost fluent, add the whole eggs and continue to mix for a few minutes until a smooth and homogeneous cream is obtained (in case it is too thick, dilute with other milk). 
  3. Serve hot with polenta or croutons, completing with a pinch of freshly ground pepper.


Judit Neuberger

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