EventsFriday 14 April 2017

Discover Pamparato and Mondovì on Easter Sunday and Monday

Special opening of monuments, entertainment, and the culinary excellence of Mondovi and Pamparato for Easter Sunday and Monday.


Something different for  Easter Sunday and Monday, two food-and-wine and cultural opportunities to enjoy the variety and richness of this area in Piedmont.

Starting from Pamparato, with its Easter Annual Fair celebrating thirty years on April 16-17, 2017. The event, is an opportunity to promote the quality of craft and agricultural activities (with the recognition of Piedmont artisan Excellence). For the first time the event will promote Casotto Tanaro and Corsaglia Valleys as well, lands of the Roa Marenca, the ancient Salt Road that led towards Ligurian Sea.

The King of the Fair: Pamparato’s Buckwheat prepared according to many traditional recipes, Buckwheat polenta tastings available!

For more information: call +39 0174 351 113, fax +39 0174 351 532,,,

Moving on to Mondovì, a well-established tradition: the Easter Monday 'snack' in Piazza Maggiore, which this year has transformed into a real meal.
On Monday April 17th , Piazza Maggiore will be the main center of this Mondovì Easter Monday tradition to promote and protect Monregalese area – Monregalese = from Mondovì - unique products, encouraging local food. Easter Monday’s lunch menu, available from 12pm until 6pm, in fact, proposes local tradition: monregalese tomino in foil, omelet, baked potatoes and, finally, sweet roll with jam or chocolate. For info and reservations call 327 6679728.

There will also be a special opening of the city’s  monuments, from 3pm to 6pm: the Civic Tower of the Belvedere, the Mission Church, the Bishop's palace, the Museum of Prints and the Museum of Ceramics, which, until May 29th shows the valuable exhibition “Il futuro dei piatti” - "The future of dishes."
In addition, the unique opportunity to walk in a carriage through the city’s old streets.

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Deborah Bellotti

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