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The Flysch Trail in High Argentina Valley

On April 23rd, 2017, a hike to discover more on Ligurian Alps’ birth and evolution.

On April 23rd, 2017, a hike to discover more on Ligurian Alps’ birth and evolution.

The Flysch trail explores this geological conformation, a unique sedimentary deposit consisting of thin beds of shale or marl alternating with coarser strata such as sandstone or conglomerate.

By interpreting the rocks of the South-Western slope of Mount Saccarello - the highest summit in Liguria - it is clear how Mount Antola and Saccarello, which are just over one hundred kilometers away, are brothers in their genesis and that Mount Saccarello has moved away following the movements that generated the Maritime Alps.

The hike begins at Rifugio Realdo, in the center of Realdo, a village in the Argentina Valley. Following Alta Via dei Monti Liguri towards Collardente the trails connects to the old Melosa-Garezzo military road all thw way to the crossroads of Passo della Guardia. Then it proceeds to Triora and after about 200 meters a path to the right enters a dense conifer wood to gradually descend to the village of Verdeggia. The hike ends back in Realdo through a trail that overlooks Verdeggia.

It’s a loop of about 14 km with altitude difference of about 800 meters in the initial part. The hike is suitable for any hiker with sufficient training.

Organized by Sport Association MY and led by Environmental Guide Giampiero De Zanet
Meeting Point: Realdo, High Argentina Valley at 9am

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