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Bergeggi: a perched village, an island, and the sea

Nestled between mountains and the Ligurian sea, Bergeggi is a village of about 1200 inhabitants, in the province of Savona.

Credits: Riserva Naturale Regionale di Bergeggi

Credits: Riserva Naturale Regionale di Bergeggi

Nestled between mountains and the Ligurian sea, narrow alleys winding down to the coast or climbing higher and higher, where one can admire the Ligurian Riviera in all its splendor, Bergeggi is a Ligurian village of about 1200 inhabitants - in the province of Savona - perched 1100 meters above sea level and surrounded by a breathtaking landscape.

About 10 km from Savona and 60 km from Genoa, Bergeggi is set on the slopes of Mount St. Elias, where the picturesque promenade reaching the sea begins.

The beauty of its natural environment led to the creation, in 1985, of the Regional Natural Reserve of Bergeggi, which, in addition to the village itself, includes the homonymous island and the corresponding coastal strip, with a sea cave and beautiful Natte cork oak woodland. In 2007, a Marine Protected Area was established. The protected area is also the site of SWIMTHEISLAND, an annual open water swimming event taking place in October. 

Here some exciting activities coming up:

A guided canoe trip in the Marine Preserve Island of Bergeggi. Equipment provided. Special opening of the season: Euro 12,00 per person. Reservation is required: call 019 859777 or email, tours until autumn.

Saturday, May 28th - "Predani PUNTA MARINA AND THE CAVE" Nature walk along the coast discovering the Regional Nature Reserve Bergeggi and the most famous sea cave in Liguria. Duration: 2 hours, Meeting point Via Aurelia, at the kiosk of Torre del Mare - 4pm

Bergeggi is art and culture as well:

Sunday, May 22 - Walking through Bergeggi: Reading tours discovering the most picturesque corners of Bergeggi. Along alleys and stairways, among cultivated terraces and stone walls, the walk reaches the heart of Bergeggi, Piazza XX Settembre and the Church of St. Martin. Duration: 2 hours Meeting point: Via Aurelia - Via Magazzeno – 10am 

Deborah Bellotti

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