Events10 December 2019

Genoa, Carlo Felice Theater: Ballet on ice of Saint Petersburg [Video]

Cinderella from 19th to 22nd December.

Credit Family Welcome

Credit Family Welcome

Music, Sergej Prokof'ev

Choreography, Konstantin Rassadin

Director, Oleg Stepanov

Scenes and Costumes, Olga Osikovskaia / Tatiana Zaikina

Orchestra Conductor, Arkady Shteynlucht

There are so many danced "cinderellas" before that of Prokofiev, dated 1945. But the Cinderella of the Russian composer has obscured them all. Prokofiev was not one of the many good professionals who wrote good music for dance: like Stravinsky, he was a well-rounded composer who remained himself even when he put himself at the service of dance. The score of Cinderella could only be by Prokofiev: unmistakably his are the energetic and unpredictable rhythms and the themes hovered between romantic passion and twentieth-century irony.

A classic of contemporary ballet, in the spectacular version of the St. Petersburg Ballet on ice, which returns to Genoa after the great success of last season with Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty. The audience of the Teatro Carlo Felice now knows it: that of the St. Petersburg Ballet on ice is not a classic "show on ice" nor a sporting performance, but a real classical ballet danced entirely on skates and on ice. A unique case in the world.

Judit Neuberger

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