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The Fiera Fredda di Borgo San Dalmazzo turns 450.

The small town of the Cuneo Province has been hosting an event dedicated to the snail for four and a half centuries

The Fiera Fredda di Borgo San Dalmazzo turns 450.

Borgo San Dalmazzo, November 14, 2019

The last edition yielded some impressive figures: nearly 25 thousand visitors and 500 kg of snails served. And it is precisely the snail, a tasty and refined treat, the undisputed queen of Fiera Fredda di Borgo San Dalmazzo, which this year celebrates 450 years. From December 4 to 8, the small town of the Cuneo Province in Lower Piedmont, a few miles from France, hosts a unique event which this year will hit the prestigious four and a half centuries milestone.

Today, Fiera Fredda offers whole menus based on snails and mixes traditional dishes with delicious combinations, designed and created for the event by chefs. But Helix Pomatia Alpina is the real queen at the event: the rare and tasty snail, true gourmet excellence with white and delicious meat.  

Fiera Fredda is traditionally held in Palazzo Bertello, a former Borgarino factory and a major attraction just a stone's throw away from the historic centre. The pavilion with free entrance will be lined with numerous stands and, as usual, a series of events will provide entertainment throughout the day. On December 5, the day on which the patron saint of San Dalmazzo is celebrated, a popular market is held all over the city streets alongside the national snail market.  

A unique event that is impossible to "nail down": the nail, in fact, has been the main instrument of Fiera Fredda for 450 years. It is tradition, in fact, to use a farrier's nail to pull boiled snails out of their shell and dip them into the exquisite and slightly spicy "Cartuné sauce", based on oil, salt, pepper and garlic. She too has a centuries-old history. 

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