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Summer at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco: it is time for the "Turtle Odyssey" [Video & photo gallery]

A 160 m3 basin hosts specimens before returning to the sea and after being treated for the necessary care, in the new Monegasque marine center.

Credit Facebook site

Credit Facebook site

An unforgettable encounter with sea turtles in a brand new outdoor area. The journey takes you in the wake of these great migrants,from  their life cycle, to their lives' threats, from their diet to the magic of spawning.

The visit continues on the first floor of the museum in a temporary exhibition: discover the evolution of sea turtles from the origins to the present day, who they are and how to protect them.

A game book accompanies 6-12 year olds with ten missions to accomplish, to become a true ambassador of the cause of sea turtles.

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