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Hiking through the Ligurian Alps towards Mount Fronté [Photo gallery]

From San Bernardo di Mendatica starts a picturesque path that in about 3 hours will take you to the top of Monte Frontè (2.153 meters), one of the highest and most beautiful peaks of the Ligurian Alps.

Fronté seen from Garlenda, credit Pampuco

Fronté seen from Garlenda, credit Pampuco

At the beginning you will go along a part of the famous path for blind people in the middle of a beautiful beech forest and then reach the Magheria Garlenda and from here, left the path to Monesi you will reach the Frontè along the Cima Garlenda.

[San Bernardo di Mendatica, credit Pampuco]

The area is justly famous for its flora, with many endemic species, glacial relicts that cohabit with typically Mediterranean species; among the most representative we have the golden botton, the big gentian and dozens of others. We must not neglect the faunal aspect of the last stretch of the excursion, the slopes of the Frontè are in fact frequented by chamois and marmots as well as being a place of transit of the wolf pack that frequents this stretch of the Ligurian Alps.

The ecological importance of the area has been recognized at the institutional level with the establishment of the Park of the Ligurian Alps just to better protect and make it known.

[Monte Garlenda]

On top you can enjoy a magnificent view of Saccarello (the highest peak of the Ligurian Alps), the Monega, and the chain of the Piedmontese Part with the Marguareis and the Mongioje; just as beautiful is the view of the basin of Monesi.

There will also be the presence of forts and barracks, silent witnesses of the defenses posed (from the end of 1800) on the border ..

Technical data: duration 7, difference in height about 890 meters, difficulty E

Judit Neuberger

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