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A good 2018 for the Ligurian oil is pointed out, Coldiretti: "Peak year and limited damage by the fly"

The great summer heat did not spoil the trees and olives, optimistic farmers in a summer certainly not exciting for tourist flows, the Riviera will be able to console itself with the good prospects of the agricultural world.

Credit Pietrablanca

Credit Pietrablanca

After checking that the great summer heat will have no consequences on the crops, good news also come from the olive oil sector.

The words of the provincial director of Coldiretti Domenico Pautasso leave no room for pessimism. "We are seeing that it will be a substancial year," said Pautasso. So we expect a 2018 with large quantities of olives and oil in the hope that quality can be up to. And if, on the one hand, the heat has spared trees and fruit, a respite has also come from the fly that has too often attacked our olive trees. Pautasso in his commentary on the prospects for the current year says that "the attack of the fly should be limited", another good signal for 2018.

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Good prospects also for the vineyards. It seems that, despite the temperatures, it will be a favorable harvest. In the hope, as underlined by Coldiretti Imperia, there is no damage from autumn hailstorms.

Judit Neuberger

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