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Piedmont Region: "Parks to taste" is inaugurated on the occasion of the European Week of Protected Areas [Photogallery]

From 19 May to 1 July, in the protected areas of the Maritime Alps, there will be a review of gastronomy and events

St Anna Valdieri, credits Facebook site

St Anna Valdieri, credits Facebook site

During the festival, twenty-six restaurateurs from Valle Tanaro to Valle Stura, will offer their Park Menu that enhances local products, at 0Km and in particular rye and brown trout. At the table will be served dishes made with traditional recipes or revisited by the chefs who tell the territory, its history and its traditions: from the famous trout of the queen to rye, once anciently cultivated on the terraces.

Participating townlets: Aisone - Caprauna - Vernante - Entracque - Ormea - Chiusa Pesio - Valdieri - Roaschia - Morozzo - Pamparato

Info: tel. +39 0171 976 800 - info@parcoalpimarittime.it www.parcoalpimarittime.it/news/1292/parchi-da-gustare

[Grotte Aisone, credits Facebook site]

May 24th celebrates the establishment of the first protected area in Europe. The anniversary was chosen by the Biodiversity Sector and natural areas of the Piedmont Region, which coordinates the protected areas of Piedmont to launch the initiative Parks to taste: the menu of the Park. A funfair of taste designed to make the Piedmont parks known through the products and restaurants of their respective territories.

[Tajarin from Roaschia, credits Facebook site]

There are 26 restaurateurs who have accepted the invitation of the Protected Areas of the Maritime Alps to join "Parks to taste: the menu of the Park". The review will take place in the parks and natural reserves of Cuneo, from May 20th to July 2nd. In the menus offered by the restaurateurs, local and seasonal products, most of the time at 0Km, among which there will never be missed at least one of the so-called "flag products" of the Maritime Alps, which represent in a peculiar way the territory. To make the offer of Parks to be tasted even more attractive at weekends, trips, workshops, animations will be organized ... A taste of the many experiences that can be done in the protected areas of Maritime Alps.

[Vernante, credits Facebook site]

A trip in search of orchids, a walk to learn to recognize plants for food use, in Valle Gesso, and an excursion on the panoramic path "Balconata di Ormea", in Valle Tanaro, are the proposals of the Protected Areas of the Maritime Alps to "taste" the territory on the weekend of 27 and 28 May. Outings in the green combined with the offer of the Menu del Parco of the local restaurateurs who have joined the project of the Regione Piemonte Parchi da Gustare.

Saturday 27th, in the morning, there will be a trip (free) to the Gorge della Reina, upstream of Entracque, the realm of wild orchids and where, according to an ancient legend, the famous queen Giovanna d'Angiò rests. The entire route takes about 3 hours of walking (height difference: 300 m). Reservation: tel. 338 8893312.

[Balconata Ormea, credits Facebook site]

Sunday 28th, in the morning, the naturopath Paola Gondolo offers a phytoalimurgia walk (for a fee) in the surroundings of Entracque (Information: phone 347 1937545). Returning from the activities on Saturday and Sunday you can stop at Locanda del Sorriso (tel 0171 978388) at Trinità di Entracque or at the restaurant Il vecchio Mulino (tel 0171 978458) at Entracque to taste the Menu of the Park.

[credits Facebook site]

Still Sunday 28th, but in the Tanaro Valley, in the morning, a nature guide will accompany (reservation: tel 338 8893312 - free) on a stretch of the spectacular "Balconata di Ormea" and then you can enjoy the Park Menu at the Chionea refuge, in Chionea (tel. 331 9699697) or in Ormea in the following restaurants: del Borgo (phone 0174 391049); the Olmo (phone 0174 391269); Payarin (telephone 333 1341915). The hiking ring requires about 3½ hours walking (height difference: 500 m). Participation in the rambles is open to all, but in case of exhaustion of available places, will have priority those who will have booked or enjoyed the weekend of the Park Menu.

The Park Menu and their costs are available on the site: parcoalpimarittime.it 

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