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Turin: The Reggia di Venaria

Savoy Royal Residences, located in Torino and its surroundings, are a journey along monumental architecture styles between XVII and XVIII century, and an expression of monarchy ideology.. Added to UNESCO world heritage list since 1997

Credits Facebook Site

Credits Facebook Site

Invitation to court

Built in the mid-1600s as a hunting lodge for Charles Emmanuel II, it was designed by Amedeo di Castellamonte who made the central Hall of Diana an ideal junction point between the palazzo and the gardens.

Victor Amadeus II commissioned first Garove and then Juvarra to work on the building, and they created some of its masterpieces: the Great Gallery, the Church of St Hubert and the complex consisting of the Great Stables and the Orangerie. Later on, Benedetto Alfieri created the "Rondò" with the statues representing the Seasons.


After a long restoration, the Palace with its fascinating tour is now the home to major exhibitions and concerts: a cultural project in which the ancient and the new combine harmoniously.

Life in the Court of Savoy was a mix of amusements and ceremonies in the luxurious residences ringing the city, built to create a refined “Crown of Delights” around the capital, as a demonstration of the magnificence of the House of Savoy. Just a short way from the centre of Torino, surrounded by vines and elegant gardens, Villa della Regina and Castello del Valentino were the favourite residences of duchesses, princesses and queens, while the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi and the Reggia di Venaria are stately baroque complexes created as hunting lodges and places of pleasure. Originally the castles of Rivoli and Moncalieri were for defence purposes, then transformed from ancient strongholds into “places of delight”.

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- Corona di Delizie
- Reggia Borgo
- Giardini
- Torre Orologio
- Fontana
- Facciata
- Reggia planimetria
- Galleria Diana
- Galleria Diana pianta
- Belvedere
- Cappella Sant'Uberto
- Cappella Sant'Uberto pianta
- Scuderie Alfieriane
- Citroniera
- Vista dai Giardini


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