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A 3-day trip on Balcone trail: hiking, mountains, villages, good food & wine

Hiking on ancient mule tracks from Cervo to Badalucco in 3 days, immersed in mountains, villages, good food & wine

Credits: Alessandro Bellotti

Credits: Alessandro Bellotti

The Balcone Trail is a long provincial route that runs almost parallel to the coast and connects the historical town centers of the villages in the mid-hinterland. It also links up with the main vertical routes that come down from the peaks of the Alps to the sea.

It can be hiked in daily sections, thus gradually, or in chuncks, or all at once.

Since the main rivers and streams run perpendicular to the coast, the Balcone Trail climbs up and down quite a bit. It is perfectly accessible all year round thanks to the favorable climate of the Ligurian Riviera.

The whole route is 135 kilometers long, and it makes no difference whether you go from west to east or vice versa.

The Balcone Trail Deluxe trip organized by the sport association MY on May 26th – 29th runs from East to West, hiking on ancient mule tracks from Cervo to Badalucco in 3 days, immersed in mountains, villages, good food & wine and ending with a SPA in Badalucco to top it all up. It is simply a unique experience.

Here the trip details:

1st day: From the secluded hamlet of Cervo going up, with a magnificent view of the sea, on an old mule track, participants will reach the peak of Pizzo d’Evigno and then, in the afternoon, descend to Torria where they will relax, dine and sleep at a local B&B

2nd day: From Torria, hikers will head up toward Chiusavecchia, climbing to Lucinasco and then to Monte Acquarone Chapel. After lunch, another descent to Vasia, Molini di Prelà and then arrival in Dolcedo. A special dinner at a gourmet restaurant in Dolcedo will follow and stay at a local hotel.

3rd day: Departure from Dolcedo toward Lecchiore, Sanctuary of Acquasanta, Montaldo, and finally arrival in Badalucco where a fabulous stay at a local Agriturismo and a traditional delicious dinner awaits hikers.

4th day: the last day of the trip is totally devoted to relax at the SPA, all booked just for participants!

For more information or reservations: call Alessandro +39 3298631702

The association MY commits to clean the trail along the way during the hike since all changes begin from a small act of responsibility


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