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Ligurian wines celebrated again!

After the recognition by Wine Guide of Italy, renowned newspapers abroad also celebrate Ligurian wines.

Credits: Armadillobar blogspot

Credits: Armadillobar blogspot

Wines of Liguria are Superstars again! After the recognition by Wine Guide of Italy 2016, renowned newspapers abroad also celebrate Ligurian wines. Appreciated more every day, Ligurian wines are fine, niche, limited production - about 5 million bottles – and much higher quality thanks to their uniqueness and variety among grapes.

One of the most popular newspapers in the US, the Los Angeles Times, in a lengthy article by journalist Irene Virbila, complimented Pigato and its quality (2014 Cascina Praie Pigato Il Canneto): "An elegant white wine made from Liguria's native Pigato grape tasting of flowers, sea and salt and with a beautiful balance between fruit and minerality and a touch of bitter almond at the end. The wine is delicate and complex, a wonderful match with smoked trout. It's also terrific with spaghetti alla bottarga.”

Well-known British newspaper, The Guardian, absolutely recommends Dolceacqua Rossese, and considers it a perfect pairing with red mullet with mushrooms: "To go with the Ligurian inspiration of the dish, - says the article written by David Williams - Altavia’s (The Altavia Rossese Dolceacqua Superiore 2010 ) take on the local rossese di dolceacqua is delicate in colour, brisk in feel, and haunting in herb-inflected red-cherry flavour. "

On the subject of flavors and aromas, The Guardian, in another article by David Williams celebrates Luni Vermentino. "The Cellar Lunae Colli di Luni Vermentino 2014 - says the British newspaper - a white grape that flourishes across the Mediterranean thanks to its ability to soak up heat without losing its acidic zip and bite, and here is rooted on the border of Liguria and Tuscany south of Genoa. It has a delightful floral scent, green herbs, a ripple of citrus and peach and just a touch of almonds and olive oil.”

After the success of Expo 2105, foreign press now not only promotes Liguria beaches, museums and villages, but also Ligurian wines, which in unison are judged best - especially when paired with fish- by prestigious international publications.

Deborah Bellotti

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