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Olioliva in Imperia: in November the Festival of the New Olive Oil

Olioliva, the Festival of the New Olive Oil is back in Imperia on November 13-14-15, 2015.

Olioliva in Imperia: in November the Festival of the New Olive Oil

Olioliva, the Festival of the New Olive Oil is back in Imperia on November 13-14-15, 2015. Imperia's old town will become once again the capital of extra virgin olive oil, with its arcades, squares and wharf filled with stands where one can taste and buy local products, strong tradition of this area.

Imperia, a true capital of the Mediterranean Diet, is located in Liguria, on the west coast, in the heart of the Italian Riviera. Overlooking the shores of the Mediterranean sea, it enjoys a privileged climate that is well suited to one of the great treasures of this area: the Taggiasca olive, with its peculiarities and unique characteristics. The oil production has characterized the city's economy since the beginning of the nineteenth century, with the emergence of companies that have been able to establish themselves nationally and internationally. The production history is well documented in the Olive Tree Museum of Fratelli Carli, not to be missed during the event.

Olioliva revolves around the pressing of the extra virgin olive oil, the new oil so rich in organoleptic qualities and incomparable fragrance. It is also a perfect showcase for the gastronomic delights, seasonal flavors, and products unique to the western Liguria's inland.

Freshly pressed olive oil from local producers, as well as pesto, pickled vegetables, Brigasca goat cheese, focaccia, Conio, Pigna and Badalucco's beans, cookies, olive oil gelato and desserts, stroscia, michetta, salami, farinata are just a few examples of the delicacies found at the festival. And, of course, Ligurian wines, some of which have just been awarded: Dolceacqua Rossese and Pigato

This event, which is the chief autumn event in Imperia and Liguria, in three days, attracts more than two hundred exhibitors and thousands of visitors.

The 15th edition, along with tastings and samplings, offers exhibitions, culture, music, and many more initiatives. This year, in conjunction with Expo 2015, the Associazione Nazionale Città dell’Olio organizes Girolio, a Grand Tour of the cities of oil to discover the excellent local food and landscapes related to olive oil. In each stop of Girolio 2015, visitors can spend a whole day in an oil factory and feel "millers for a day", discovering the secrets of harvesting and processing the olives. Imperia is a Girolio's stop during Olioliva.

In addition to dining at the Olioliva Village and tasting a mouthwatering menu of Ligurian delicacies, visitors also have the opportunity to choose among about 20 GiroGusto participating restaurants, a city initiative to further promote the Mediterranean cuisine's flavorful local dishes. For an effortless reservation access the Girogusto website (it includes a free app for smartphone and tablet).


Olioliva is organized by PromImperia of the Imperia Chamber of Commerce, for more information:


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