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#Sanremo, also red #shrimp and #'Brandacujun' become 'De.Co.' (Municipal designation of origin)

After Sardenaira, the parmureli and the bread of San Romolo, good news for the kitchen 'delicacies' of Sanremo.

#Sanremo, also red #shrimp and #'Brandacujun' become 'De.Co.' (Municipal designation of origin)

After the 'sardenaira' and the bread of San Romolo (besides the famous 'parmureli') also red shrimp and brandacujun will soon boast the certification 'De.Co.'. This is what the City Council of Sanremo is working at, especially with the Councillor Anna ASSERETTO, who has appealed to offices, for the preparation of the necessary documentation.

Some time ago, the 'De.Co.' was introduced for the mythical 'Sardenaira', a product that stands out from the 'Pizza' and that is found exclusively in this area, with its own origins in Sanremo. Identical brand for the bread of San Romolo, a bread that many have tried to copy but that, without the peculiarities and the water in the hilly part of Sanremo, is never the same.

Now Councillor ASSERETTO met with the fishermen's associations, who said they were excited about the 'De.Co.' for the red shrimp of Sanremo and, soon will come the necessary documentation. Similar situation for the 'Brandacujun', dish made of cod or salt cod and potatoes, this also from sanremasche origins.

With these two additional 'De.Co.', Sanremo would have a winning 'quintet', especially with regard to its culinary delights. The administration is also thinking about the best way to promote these delicacies, and one of these will be a portal at which the municipality is working and in which you will find a section devoted to culinary excellences.

Judit Neuberger

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