Itineraries24 September 2014

The places of Charles Garnier in Bordighera

All the French architect's work in one unique itinerary

The places of Charles Garnier in Bordighera

The famous French architect Charles Garnier lived in Bordighera for a long time and left many examples of his stay. Walking along the route which takes you to some of his most important architectural works is definitely worth the trouble.

At least three of them should be visited. Terrasanta Church could be the starting point, even though it was seriously renovated; then, through Via Regina Margherita, and Via Romana, we reach Villa Bischoffsheim, which is interesting also because it is directly connected with Queen Margareth.

Towards the Port of Bordighera, we can admire the fantastic Villa Garnier, which stands in an enviable location. We also recommend the visit of the Municipal School (today the Town Hall) and Villa Studio.




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