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Nice UltiMed: Offshore Race of trimarans

Events, Video | Tuesday 17 April

From 25th April to 6th May, Nice UltiMed will bring together, for the first time in the heart of the Mediterranean, the elite skippers and the biggest sailing boats in the world.

Valle Argentina: Riverbed trekking, walking upstream [Video Gallery]

Itineraries, Video | Monday 16 April

"Streambed Trekking", innovative and entertaining practice of ascending streams.

Giorgio de Chirico. Major Works from the Collection of Francesco Federico Cerruti [Video & photo gallery]

Places of interest, Events, Gallery, Video | Thursday 12 April

In 1911, he spent a few days in Turin where the long shadows of the afternoon and the grid of streets, squares and arcaded galleries gave him the impression, as he wrote, that “the city was built for philosophical...

Giro d'Italia 2018 starts 4th May

Events, Video | Tuesday 10 April

The pink race returns to Granda and will propose a potentially decisive fraction for the fate of the competition.

The first Gin with taggiasche olives presented in Turin: the Taggiasco Extravirgin from the Roi company

Local products, Business, Video | Monday 09 April

The Festival of Food Journalism, in Turin, offers not only interesting debates and seminars, but also original tastings of innovative products.

Turin: Renato Guttuso, exhibition of revolutionary art [Video & photo gallery]

Places of interest, Gallery, Video, Events | Thursday 05 April

On the occasion of the centenary of the October Revolution, the GAM of Turin presents a new exhibition by Renato Guttuso.

Recipe of the week: Easter colomba and its legends

Local products, Video | Saturday 31 March

Colomba pasquale or Colomba di Pasqua ("Easter Pigeon") is an Italian traditional Easter cake, the equivalent of the two well-known Italian Christmas desserts, Panettone and Pandoro.

Beigua Nature Park: A Mosaic of Environments [Video and Photo Gallery]

Itineraries, Places of interest, Gallery, Video | Tuesday 27 March

In a territory rich in contrasts like Liguria, set between the mountains and the sea, Beigua Park - the largest regional park in Liguria - well represents the features of the region, where it is possible to find very different...

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