Events20 January 2020

70th Festival of Sanremo: Benigni present, the Big rise from 20 to 24, two women announcers for each evening

From 4th to 8th February the prestigious Italian song festival is staged.

70th Festival of Sanremo: Benigni present, the Big rise from 20 to 24, two women announcers for each evening

Slowly takes shape the project of the conductor and artistic director. Amadeus, started with the idea of ​​having 20 big names in the race, changed his mind and went up to 24, a decision taken on the abundance of proposals received, it seems over 200.

Without prejudice to the number of 8 reserved for competitors among the New Proposals, the 2020 Festival is enriched by Italian guests engaged in different fields, some for one evening, others for the duration of the event.

"I made my long-standing friendships bear fruit," says Amadeus, proud to announce the names of Fiorello, Tiziano Ferro, Jovanotti and now also of Roberto Benigni, and given that the company is interesting, other high-level guests are not excluded. like that of Zucchero 'Sugar' Fornaciari.

A great cast but women? No problem since Amadeus is thinking of having two different ones every night, and not just coming from the entertainment world. It could range from music to journalism, from cinema to entrepreneurship or to social and sport. What matters is having something to tell, positive messages that can characterize each of the five evenings to enter the homes of Italians with affection and sweetness, just like a pop festival commands.

The Big:

Achille LauroMe ne frego”, Alberto UrsoIl sole ad Est”, AnastasioRosso di rabbia”, Bugo e MorganSincero”, Elettra LamborghiniMusica e il resto scompare”, ElodieAndromeda”, Enrico NigiottiBaciami adesso”, DiodatoFai rumore”, Francesco GabbaniViceversa”, Giordana AngiCome mia madre”, Irene GrandiFinalmente io”, Junior CallyNo grazie”, Le Vibrazioni “Dov'è”, LevanteTiki bom bom”, Marco MasiniIl confronto”, Michele ZarrilloNell'estasi o nel fango”, Paolo JannacciVoglio parlarti adesso”, Piero PelùGigante”, Pinguini Tattici NucleariRingo Starr”, RancoreEden”, Raphael GualazziCarioca”, Rita PavoneNiente (resilienza 74)”, ToscaHo amato tutto”, RikiLo sappiamo entrambi”. 

New Proposals:

Eugenio in via Di GioiaTsunami”, FadiDue noi”, FasmaPer sentirmi vivo”, Gabriella Martinelli e LulaIl gigante d’acciaio”, Leo GassmannVai bene così”, Marco SentieriBilly blu”, Matteo FaustiniNel bene e nel male”, Tecla Insolia8 marzo”.

Judit Neuberger

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