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Grasse: The canal de la Siagne, walking in a peaceful and charming landscape [Video & photo gallery]

The Siagne Channel is an integral part of the heritage of the middle Grasse region. It offers a unique site of greatest architectural beauty and landscape that is found nowhere else in this department.

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Credit Facebook site

Built at the initiative of Lord Brougham, former Minister of Justice in the English government, and inaugurated in 1868, punctuated with hydraulic works of that time, it has become a historic walkway for the populations of the communities it crosses along its 43 kilometers of course. It has structured the whole life of local populations and to which local residents are deeply attached, since it is part of the cultural identity of Provence.

With the "restanques" (terraced grounds), the "faïces", it is all the spectacle of Provence in Grasse country which is offered to the glances of the walkers. It is a place of life and healing for all the walkers who from the beginning, walk up and down the banks. It offers an indispensable place of peace in a world that has lost its reference marks.

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Siagne waters the departments of Alpes-Maritimes and Var. It feeds the channel of Siagne, one of the two main adducts supplying drinking water to the city of Cannes and whose water intake is in the town of Saint-Césaire sur Siagne. It is a small river relatively well supplied throughout the year, whose floods can be important. This river has its source in the municipality of Escragnoles and finishes its course in the Mediterranean.

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The Association has developed the project to create a School of Water and Biodiversity of Siagne.

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