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Infiorata Del Corpus Domini In Diano Marina [Video and photogallery]

A million of petals on Sunday 3 June 2018 for the "decorations with flowers", on occasion of Corpus Christi.

Diano Marina

Diano Marina

A million rose petals that will cover over 2 thousand square meters distributed along the streets of the city center representing religious and Eucharistic figures.

On the previous Saturday evening you can watch the decorating artists at work, who draw the figures with plaster, then embellish them with the colors of the petals of red, pink, yellow, white roses, but also broom flowers.

Also in the evening of Sunday 3 June, at 6 pm, in the village of Diano Calderina you can join in the Mass and the procession along the streets of the town admiring the infiorata on the churchyard with drawings by Agostino Ardissone, a work created by " Dianesi Infioratori Group ".

Program: Sunday 3 June 2018:
At 10.30 am Mass in the Parish Church of Diano Marina
At 11.15 am procession in the city streets, with the participation of the music band "City of Diano Marina", the children of the First Communion and the Confraternity of the SS. Annunziata. Drawings by Agostino Ardissone, work performed by the "Dianesi Infioratori Group".

Information: Tel. 01834901 Municipality

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In the early twentieth century, when I was a child, the Corpus Christi procession was welcomed with more faith than now and everyone was busy. A day before, they went to the hills with the "cavagni" (wicker baskets) to pick flowers. But they did not only take brooms, that there are plenty even now, but flowers of three or four qualities.

At that time, when it was raining well and the water was good, they blossomed with beautiful purple flowers, white and yellow daisies and those pink flowers with leaves that resemble the ears of goats and that we in dialect call "e ùegge de cròve" (the ears of goats). The land was cultivated and the strips well kept, so more flowers were born. Now it's all hay.

And with the petals of those flowers were made on the ground the beautiful drawings: ostensories, hearts, lambs, sailing vessels, calyx and and so forth ... And it covered the pavement of the road where the procession passed and at the windows they put embroidered tablecloths, bedspreads, rugs. Some were carpets worn by sailors who sailed on vessels on the route  to India and far East and thought at home,  ......

Those oriental carpets were wonderful and had beautiful designs full of colors and they made a nice effect. So the procession passed between the flowers and the colors and it was really beautiful, it was .......

[Taken from the book "I dixevan .... i faxevan .... " written by Anna Celant Marino]

Judit Neuberger

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