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Monte Carlo: Festival Printemps des Arts from 16th March to 29th April

Under the presidency of Her Royal Highness Caroline Princess of Hannover will take place the XXXIV edition

Credits Facebook Site

Credits Facebook Site

The director Marc Monnet presented the proposals of the next program of the Monegasque festival, marking some strong times: Mozart in a little known guise; the American music of Charles Ives and Morton Feldman; the Surprise trip to amaze; Monaco Music Forum that mixes music with rare instruments to jugglers and fanfare with a vein of madness; Young talents, talented and promising soloists; the Chanson of the troveri, extraordinary poets and musicians contested by all the courts of the XIII century; the clarinet in all its forms; the opera with a window on Russian surrealism, "Quatre jeunes filles" by Edison Denisov, first in Monaco and France, in concert version and finally the dance with a new choreography by Jean-Christophe Maillot, the Ballets of Monte-Carlo and music by Bruno Mantovani.

Many international formations such as the Orchester national de France, the Orchester philharmonie de Monte-Carlo, the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, the Zemlinsky Quartet, the soave and magnificent voices of the Latvian Radio Choir, the mezzo-soprano Isabelle Druet, the refined Italian interpreter Alda Caiello and the pianist Bertrand Chamayou.

Like a matriosca, the festival is a story in the story with different levels of enjoyment and listening. So alongside the main themes it will be possible to appreciate the "Sequences" by Luciano Berio, one of the greatest post-war authors. A cycle of 14 pieces of acrobatic virtuosity, proposed throughout the duration of the festival, in which it is possible to discover unexplored executive and expressive techniques of different instruments. And once again a prominent place has the contemporaneity with "Éclair physionomique", the first absolute performance commissioned by the Printemps des Arts to the French Éric Montalbetti little known by the general public. On the other hand, the music of Brahms and Debussy is more noteworthy, which will mark the program alongside its contemporaries Morton Feldman, Leonard Bernstein, Olivier Messiaen and Yan Maresz.

"The Printemps des Arts - explains the director Marc Monnet - is a panorama of different music, styles, eras, and different types of public. But it is also the result of a work that invests on young people, the public of the future that must be formed. I think the responsibility of a festival is to introduce young artists, repertoires and authors that are still little known, exploring the so-called "classical" music to show that it is not at all. Just listen to it through new formulas involving performers who like to risk and get out of beaten paths ".

The Festival Printemps des Arts 2018 confirms once again its vocation to be a joyful and fertile festival of music and arts, an exciting journey through places and music that gradually reveal themselves through a recipe that mixes modernity and tradition, focused on the pleasure of listening.

But the festival is also its webradio that broadcasts interviews and concerts of the festival, round tables and conventions to accompany the public and guide them to a proper use of the shows, decentralized concerts in the French Riviera and concerts in the apartment to prelude the festival, the IANNIX electronic music from 26 to 30 March and the publication of 4 new records to preserve the memory of the highlights of the Monegasque review.

To book and purchase tickets: 12 avenue d'Ostende MC 98000 Monaco, tel +377 97983290;

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